Elmo´s Platinum Maestro multi-axis network motion controller offers cutting edge EtherCAT performance

• Unified development platform with Gold series drives and EAS II Tools software for fast, cost effective and straightforward machine development

Slinfold, UK: Recently announced at SPS-Nuremberg, Elmo Motion´s Platinum Maestro is a certified EtherCAT and CANopen network motion controller that offers exceptional levels of multi-axis machine performance. Available with full technical support from Heason Technology – Elmo´s UK distribution and systems integration partner – the Platinum Maestro perfectly partners Elmo´s advanced servo drives and Application Studio II software (EAS II Tools). With emphasis on cost-effective and straightforward machine development its EtherCAT networking capability delivers low jitter synchronisation down to 100µs for eight drive axes, with 32 fully synchronised axes at 250 µs.

The advanced motion control capability extends to complex synchronised axis and I/O control including superimposed moves, 3D error mapping, PVT, splines, delta robot, kinematics support and more. The multi-core processor based controller includes high speed communication from any host type as well as standard and user defined communications protocols. Programming environments cover PLCopen and IEC 61131-3 as well as Elmo´s own G-MAS API for Win 32 C++. The Platinum Maestro is a compelling choice as a machine controller on many levels with the potential for standalone ´self-sufficient´ control and optional features for ultra-fast communications such as Fast Host Ethernet and USB 3 (5 Gbps) – enabling interfacing for high-speed peripherals such as cameras or lasers – as well as HDMI connectivity for HMI Panels.

Further connectivity potential for the Maestro is available through on-board hardware interfaces that can support customised option boards; for example for high speed encoders, special D2A or A2D devices and sensors etc. For I/O intensive applications a version of the Platinum Maestro motion controller is available with supplementary digital and analogue I/O which is configurable to support additional absolute and incremental encoders, gyros, accelerometers and other specialist sensor device interfacing.

As a fundamental part of its ease of use and fast-time-to-market potential, the Maestro´s seamless interconnectivity with Elmo´s Gold series EtherCAT servo drives allows users a comprehensive choice of power and voltage ratings for DC brush, sinusoidal and trapezoidal brushless motors, and an equally generous selection of feedback devices from incremental and analogue encoders to EnDAT 2.2, SSI and more. Gold series drives also provide safety inputs for Safe Torque Off (STO).  Further enhancing the Maestro´s straightforward system integration capability, the drive and motion controller set-up  and programming is taken care of with Elmo´s EAS II Tools and its ´Motion without Programming» concept brings together structural smart building blocks within IEC 61138-3 or its own G-MAS programming environment to allow fast, easy and efficient execution of otherwise complex machine functions.

Heason Technology, through its own systems integration capability, can harness all of these features and add value with its own in-house design and build service for high precision positioning mechanics and associated equipment – supplying completely bespoke automated motion and machine solutions.


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