EPLAN offers network licences for up to 300 engineering students

Following the successful launch of the latest release of its renowned CAE software – EPLAN Platform Version 2.6 – EPLAN is now making available EPLAN Education Campus, a free version for use in educational establishments. Licences for EPLAN Education Campus support up to 300 users – compared with just 25 supported users for the previous version. This means that when installed on a central server, the new version can be used across an entire campus to give engineering students optimal preparation for the working world.

The EPLAN team of experts will also be providing training for lecturers and comprehensive support to make it easy to integrate the EPLAN Education Campus package into teaching plans. Free for schools, colleges and universities, this concept includes software solutions for engineering specialisms such as electrical, fluid power, instrumentation, control and automation (ICA), and control cabinet engineering.

The new educational package also includes the full use of the EPLAN Data Portal, which currently has data for well over half a million parts and 1.2 million variants from a wide range of prestigious component manufacturers.

At present, more than one thousand institutions are utilising EPLAN Education across the world. Looking solely at colleges, students at a total of 310 of these institutions are learning with EPLAN’s high-end engineering solutions. Practice-oriented training with EPLAN Education is becoming especially important in Asia, where its prevalence continues to grow, to help satisfy the need for skilled and qualified personnel.

EPLAN Education offers an exceptionally large range of functions in a wide variety of disciplines, supported with completely integrated data. Lecturers using the software can draw on structured lesson plans, relevant practical assignments, hand-outs for students and example examination questions, for which the answers are included.

Students and trainees of the EPLAN programme receive a free licence for the duration of their training, up to a maximum of three years. The licence can also be used at home for assignments, tutorials and term papers.

With integrated machine and plant design, EPLAN Education Campus allows schools and universities to bridge the gap between theoretical learning and practical engineering, while offering young professionals solid training combined with important practical experience.

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