Cirrus Research new App for doseBadge5 now iOS compatible

Noise monitoring specialists Cirrus Research’ new wireless App for its personal dosimeter – the doseBadge5 – is now iOS as well as Android compatible. The doseBadge5 has enhanced wireless technology to allow the instrument to communicate remotely with the doseBadge5 Wand and the dBLink App. The doseBadge5 Wand allows instruments to be started and stopped without disturbing the wearer and view measurement information via a tablet, mobile phone, iOS or Android controlled device.

If the doseBadge5 is running, the current measurement information can be display, allowing mid-shift readings to be obtained. If stopped, the doseBadge5, any stored measurements can still be reviewed.

The dBLink App for Android allows the doseBadge5 units to be configured, measurement information viewed and measurements started and stopped.

Full configuration of the instruments can also be carried out through the App including the set-up of integrators and measurement timers.

This latest App adds to a range of new capabilities for the market leading device which was developed by the in-house R&D team and launched earlier this year. It has a wide range of new USPs including data-logging facilities that can be specified down to the second, rather than the previous one-minute window.

The doseBadge5 also has intelligent charging with the device controlling its own charger to combat overcharging so it can prolong battery life to more than 12 hours, and includes an anti-tamper and vibration device to cut down on anomalies.

To give users complete control over your noise assessments, the doseBadge5 allows measurements to be started and stopped automatically at pre-set times using the Scheduled Measurements function. The start time, duration and end time of a measurement can be set either in the NoiseTools software or in the dBLink App, giving you complete control over when measurement data is gathered.

If required, measurements can be paused to allow for lunch breaks or rest periods that should not be included in the overall measurement data. Up to three timed periods can be defined for each day and the timers enabled or disabled for specific days of the week. If the doseBadge5 is on the Dock being charged, timed measurement periods are ignored but as soon as badge is removed from the Dock, the timers are activated.

This allows the doseBadge5 to be deployed to remote sites or to locations where there is no access to a doseBadge5 Wand or the dBLink App.

Thomas Shelton, Cirrus Research Marketing Manager, said: “Being iOS as well as Android compatible means the doseBadge5 is even more user friendly. It gives more flexibility in terms of when and where the measurements are taken without compromising the accuracy of the readings.”

Users can now download the app for free from the Apple Store and Google Play – just search dBLink.

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