Measurement in Manufacturing 2016 Metrology, testing,sensors,instrumentation and controls in Manufacturing as a business tool

This year the GTMA is holding its popular Make Measurement Matter event  in association with the British Measurement and Testing Association (BMTA) and Gambica representing Sensors, Instrumentation and Controls  We are working together to launch the Measurement in Manufacturing Road Show on Thursday, 13th October 2016, at the Concord Sports Centre in Sheffield. This excellent event  provides an excellent event venue and facilities.   The venue provides free parking for visitors and free Wi-Fi.   

A key focus of the event will be over 50 stands providing a unique insight into  metrology and measurement services available to support the manufacturing industries in Aerospace, Automotive, Rail, Marine, Medical and Energy markets.  The event will provide an extensive networking opportunity in an environment set to nurture strong business links. Demonstrating the very latest technology, these companies are active participants in creating successful engineering solutions for the current and future demands of all manufacturing industry sectors. Visitors will also benefit from free parking and free refreshments.    So please register to attend at

This event provides a focal point for the transfer of technology from the science of measurement into the most demanding manufacturing environments, MIM 2016 will deliver an opportunity for attendees to learn more about the very latest measurement and inspection technologies and services available. “Knowledge gained here could provide a vital competitive business edge,” states GTMA chief executive, Julia Moore. “With keynote speakers from industry-leading ‘blue chip’ manufacturing companies, it is a must to attend, to learn about the latest leading edge technology in this field in the UK.”

Within a manufacturing company the role of metrology, first and foremost, must be as a business tool.  “Metrology adds value and reduces costs, which ultimately improves the relationship with customers. Metrology can bring to manufacturing a real confidence in any measurement results, allowing management to make decisions with a greater degree of assurance. It will also tell you how well you are performing, and becomes  an essential tool to help improve business to outperform global competition” quoted  Trevor Troman Head of Metrology for Coventry University Chair of the MMM Roadshow 2015.

Good measurement systems equate to better business decisions, and MIM 2016 will provide the ideal opportunity for visitors to find out about how our exhibitors can influence and improve their businesses.

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