For a specialist painting and building contractor, FLIR thermal imaging has proved particularly helpful in its dealings with property managers and owners. From experience, Martin Meyer knew where to look for heat loss that resulted from missing insulation but convincing the customer that replacement was both necessary and cost effective was another matter. Investment in a FLIR E50bx, however, gave him all the necessary proof.

“Today we make the need for improvement really visible to the customer by taking a free thermal image of the building’s façade,” Martin Meyer explained. “This way we can clearly show the sources of heat loss from badly installed or missing insulation and provide a good estimate of the energy savings that would follow.”

Mildew growth
Identification of insulation faults is only one application for the FLIR E50bx. The main focus for Martin Meyer is interior decoration and an increasingly common problem for his property management customer base, is mildew. Old or badly fitting windows and poor ventilation, as well as bad insulation, can cause condensation to build-up; especially where tenants turn heating off to minimise energy costs.

The FLIR E50bx is ideal for detecting the moisture that can lead to mildew. It is one of the best-value, compact, infrared cameras for the building sector and its accuracy makes surveying and reporting, even from a distance, dependable and precise. For Martin Meyer features such as FLIR’s patented MSX feature, which allows image elements taken by the unit’s in-built digital camera to enhance the thermal image, are particularly appealing.

Underfloor leaks
Another common application for Martin Meyer’s camera is the investigation of underfloor heating systems and it proved particularly useful prior to a recent restoration project. The FLIR E50bx was used to investigate the poor performance of a 20 year-old underfloor heating system in conjunction with a FLIR MR77 non-invasive moisture meter.

“I placed the meter in the room and it automatically transferred the relative temperature and humidity data to the thermal image on the FLIR E50bx,” explained Martin Meyer. “It made it easy for me to locate an area of moisture on the wall that was clearly the source of the problem and show the heating contractor exactly where to open the wall. Sure enough, there was a small leak in the underfloor heating which could then be professionally repaired.”

To evaluate his thermal images, Martin Meyer uses the FLIR Tools software included with his camera as well as the FLIR Reporter software which allows him to create reports to include his own logo and other pre-settings.

“For us the investment in a thermal imaging camera has definitely paid off,” concludes Martin Meyer. “We are the only painting specialist in our area who can offer these services and it has allowed us to add value to the work we do.”


About FLIR Systems
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