Elfab Ltd: Industry first WirelessHART™ burst detection system

– 2 industry experts working together to help cut the cost of wiring in safety critical rupture disc monitoring environments –  

Elfab Limited, global manufacturer of pressure relief systems, has recently launched its first wireless burst detection system. Elfab’s non-invasive, reusable, ATEX-approved burst detector; Flo-Tel™ ; has been offering customers across the globe, a fail safe way of notifying a disc has burst in safety critical conditions for over a decade.

Flo-Tel offers a range of benefits over traditional membrane style burst detectors as it is not subject to spurious alarms. Unlike most burst detectors, which are activated by the flow created after the bursting disc has operated, Elfab’s Flo-Tel actuator is installed on the vent side of the disc and is activated by the operation of the disc itself.

Emerson Process Management recognise the benefits and advantages of Flo-Tel and are working closely with Elfab, helping to bring to the market the first WirelessHART rupture disc burst detector.

The addition of Wireless Flo-Tel to Elfab’s range emphasises our commitment to providing customers with the latest rupture disc monitoring solutions to further reduce project cost, improve reliability and reduce expensive downtime.

Wireless technology offers a cost effective solution when monitoring rupture discs and explosion vents and can easily be implemented on both new and existing sites. Customers can expect to eliminate the costs and complexity of additional wiring by saving an estimated 50% of the cost and 90% of the time required to install a conventional wired system.

Both new and existing customers can benefit from upgrading to this technology by obtaining immediate process alerts from an intelligent, real-time process monitoring equipment. Elfab’s wireless burst detection is a cost-effective alternative to wiring.

Compatible with its non-invasive, fail safe burst detection systems, Flo-Tel™+ and Flo-Tel XD; Elfab’s wireless detection can be integrated and upgraded easily with Emerson’s WirelessHART™ Gateways. This allows for even further cost savings by eliminating the need for wiring on both new builds and on plant upgrades.

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