Deva’s CMM Vision Probe now fully supported by Nikon CMM Manager 3.5

Nikon’s latest release of CMM Manager 3.5, includes support for the Deva 036 CMM Vision Probe.

The Deva 036 CMM Vision Probe combines a high resolution image sensor, compact optics and flexible LED light ring in one complete solution.

Retrofitting it to your CMM is easy since it can be mounted via most common probe connection systems including, Autojoint and TKJ.

The Deva 036 is fully software compatible with other Deva vision products such as the Deva 028 image sensor and Deva 022 USB light ring.

Available in 3 variants, including the 036-AJN which is fully compatible with the ACR auto-change rack and PH10/PH6 probe heads.

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