GE Energy Licenses Simulation Software

Power organizations in New York and China have both signed licensing agreements for GE Energy Consulting’s Multi-Area Production Simulation (MAPS) software.

Spanning opposite ends of the globe, GE Energy Consulting signed two license agreements recently for its Multi-Area Production Simulation (MAPS) software. TheNew York Power Authority (NYPA) will use MAPS to expand its current modeling capabilities to perform high-fidelity nodal analysis; and theChina Electric Power Research Institute (CEPRI) will use it to perform production simulations for renewables integration studies.

The rapidly evolving electric power industry relies on accurately modeling the economic operation of the power system to make decisions. With GE’s MAPS software, users can assess the value of a portfolio of generating units, identify transmission constraints that negatively impact the economic operation of the system, and accurately analyze the complex interaction between the generation and transmission assets on the system.

NYPA has signed a one-year license for the MAPS software, building on a long-standing business relationship with GE. CEPRI’s renewable energy department has agreed to a three-year license. The department provides key technical support for the growth of renewables in China.

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