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Automation Update
October 2016
Automation Update is back! Please find the latest in Automation industry news within Engineering Update's sister publication.
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David Hoare
Contract Business Development Services – Technically Complex Products
Sales and Marking support chargeable by the hour. Seeking new Clients for short or long term contracts. Experienced Technical Sales and Marketing Professional David Hoare sales and marketing established in 1996 provide business development services on a contract basis, typically working one or two days per week for clients wishing to expand their business within the engineering sector.
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Flap Switches
Don’t Get In A Flap About Flap Switches
Flap switches are often unreliable, wear out and break down, with consequences that can disrupt production and cost money. Pulsar’s PulsarGuard 2010 is a robust, non-invasive sensor with no moving parts that mounts easily to the outside of the process pipework and gives either a simple flow/no flow signal or a flow rate indication for solids, granules and powders. Maintenance-free and non-wearing, PulsarGuard 2010 is a sophisticated device that harnesses Pulsar’s world-leading acoustic engineering expertise.
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AWARD WINNING VELDEN ENGINEERING MOVES TOWARDS INDUSTRY 4.0 with the UK’s first automated subcontract busbar facility Velden engineering, established in 1973, is a 100% family owned subcontract engineering firm with a proud reputation for delivering the most challenging specifications worldwide to an array of blue chip customers in a variety of industry sectors. What sets Velden apart from other subcontract engineering firms is their ability to provide a single source production facility on account of the various add-on services they offer.
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Pulsar’s Ultrasonic Success with Super-light Fumed Silica Measurement
Fumed Silica has a bulk density of around 30g/l, and a surface area of sometimes hundreds of square metres per gram. It is used as a thickening agent in everything from gel batteries to non-drip paint, as a light-scattering agent in cosmetics and a toothpaste abrasive. However, a material as light as this presents significant difficulties in bulk measurement. After a number of failed attempts, including a leading radar system, Cabot Carbon in Barry turned to Pulsar’s non-contacting ultrasonic technology to monitor level in an 11m high silo.
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Velden Unveil New State of the Art Busbar Facility
Velden’s commitment to remaining at the forefront of the industry continues with the unveiling of their new state of the art busbar facility. As an award winning supplier of copper and aluminium busbars to the power generation and distribution industries and specialist copper busbars to the motorsport industry, Velden have pledged their intention to be the UK’s best supplier of busbars by investing heavily in refurbishing their busbar production facility.
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How are Industrial Fans used within Process Manufacturing?
Industrial fans for food processing and manufacturing machinery. The food processing industry is big business. With new processes, new packaging and more competition there’s added pressure on operations teams to implement the most efficient and cost effective method of manufacturing at every step in the production line.
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ODU-MAC® – high-speed and high-performance! New modules for transmission of USB 3.0 and HDMI 2.0
ODU UK Ltd has expanded their ODU-MAC connector series, to include HDMI 2.0 and USB 3.0 modules, with a service life of over 5,000 mating cycles, guaranteeing the rapid, reliable and loss-free transmission of signals and data.
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New product launch from SEEPEX
Smart Dosing Pump from SEEPEX. The Smart Dosing Pump (SDP) comprises a progressive cavity (PCP) with an intelligent drive and associated controls. This combines the advantages of PCP technology with enhanced control and monitoring within the pump, enabling customers to input one parameter – the proportional flow ratio – which the pump monitors and adjusts automatically.
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Temperature Monitoring from 1 to 12 sensors in 1 relay.
The Ziehl range of digital temperature relays offer an array of temperature protection relays for us with a standard PTC and PT100 sensors. They are used in applications which require accurate protection against the damaging effects of heat. Suitable for use in transformer protection, motor protection, winding protection and temperature monitoring in process applications.
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Martindale Electric continues to lead the way in safe isolation with the addition of new professional electrical locking off devices and kits for miniature circuit breakers and fuse holders. The new lockouts, provide simple and reliable solutions to ensure circuits have been de-energised and properly isolated prior to maintenance and modifications of plant and equipment, in accordance with HSG85, the Electricity at Work Regulations.
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