Toshiba Launches Photocoupler with UVLO Function for Digitally Controlled Switching Power Supplies and IPM Drives

Long creepage distance and wide operating temperature range are ideal for demanding industrial applications Toshiba Electronics Europe today announced the launch of a new high-speed IC-Photocoupler for MOSFET gate signal insulation. The TLP2735 is Toshiba’s first photocoupler to incorporate an under voltage lockout (UVLO) function with hysteresis.

Innovative sensors now also determine correct positioning for the world of Industry 4.0

The detection of objects in systems is an important part of automation today. Objects have to be reliably detected and measured, as well as verifying that they are correctly positioned. The scope of possible applications is almost limitless and is continuously expanding (for example, detecting valve and flap positions, the position of PV panels for […]

Heater Module for Flow Chemistry Glass Static Mixer Chips

Uniqsis announces HotChip™ – a new standalone heater module that provides precise temperature control of flow chemistry glass static mixer (GSM) chip reactors. The Uniqsis range of chemically-resistant borosilicate glass chip reactor blocks can be used as static mixers to ensure effective mixing before a coil reactor or to perform fast exothermic experiments such as nitration’s or bromination’s […]

Transducers enable true RMS value measurement for AC currents up to 5 A

Illustration: AC/DC high voltage transducers: P 43000 TRMS from Knick Berlin, Germany – Knick Elektronische Messgeräte is a globally recognized manufacturer of high quality signal, sensor, current and voltage measurement devices for utility, rail, ship, and other rugged environments. With the announcement of their series P 43000 TRMS AC/DC high voltage transducers, Knick have defined […]


TPG Engineering, the Dukinfield-based specialist manufacturer of heat exchangers and condensers, has established an integrated, advanced manufacturing centre that will “revolutionise tube sheet manufacturing on the site”. The Greater Manchester company is a subsidiary of TP Group – a major Tier 2 supplier to prime contractors in industrial, energy, process and defence sectors. The Group […]

Automation markets across the sea

Did you know that it takes over twelve hours to fly from China to the United States? With such a large distance between them, it is not surprising that the regions differ in many ways, from culture to industry. Here, Jonathan Wilkins, marketing director at obsolete industrial parts supplier, EU Automation explains the main differences […]