What’s that in SCADA Claus’ sack?

Jolly ol’ Santa Claus has quite a job coming up this month. Assuming an estimate of 650 million Christian children worldwide, manufacturing one toy for each would mean his factory would need to spit out just over 20 toys a second, every second, all year round. A factory manager could sure learn some tips from […]

Pressure sensor with low power consumption suits mobile equipment: Variohm expands pressure sensor range with low power series

Variohm EuroSensor’s new EPT31LE series pressure sensor features extremely fast power-up and response times and a low power consumption that perfectly suits mobile equipment pressure monitoring used in combination with battery and/or solar powered wireless transmitting systems. Aimed at remote pressure monitoring tasks on agricultural machinery, heavy construction equipment and similar demanding applications, the sensor’s […]

Join Delta for the Ultimate Smart Building and Smart City Experience at Smart Building Expo 2019 in Fiera Milano

Delta, a global leader in power and thermal management solutions, today announced it will be present at the Smart Building Expo 2019 in Fiera Milano, along with its Austria-based subsidiary LOYTEC. Delta will demonstrate its building automation solutions and its smart charging infrastructure solutions, including LOYTEC’s L-DALI lighting control system, a platform that facilitates eco-friendly […]

Virtual and augmented reality in manufacturing

~ Simulating the factory can help fix mistakes and improve production ~  Originally developed as technologies for gaming and entertainment, virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) are rapidly gaining traction in the manufacturing industry. Here Jonathan Wilkins, marketing director at automation parts supplier EU Automation, explains how VR and AR can be used in […]

ABT and Schaeffler establish strategic collaboration to electrify light commercial vehicles

Strategic collaboration between ABT and Schaeffler will begin with the electrification of light commercial vehicles from Volkswagen ABT to contribute its implementation expertise and flexibility in vehicle retrofitting – Schaeffler to contribute its expertise in technology and manufacturing as well as its financial strength High level of worldwide market potential for the electrification of intraurban […]