Hylec launches e-commerce website – easy ordering of Debox junction boxes, connectors, enclosures and control equipment, direct and fast from Hylectrade.com

July 2021- Wellingborough, UK:  Hylec-APL, the specialist supplier of electrical components and enclosures, has launched a new e-commerce website to enable electrical contractors to obtain all its well-known products direct.  With simple ordering and completely secure online payment, electrical professionals can expect to receive orders within two to three business days

Bundled Know-How for IIoT Applications: Cooperation Between Moxa Europe and Robotron

Objective: Fast provision of easy-to-use and scalable IIoT solutions – with focus on four application areas. Moxa Europe GmbH and Robotron Datenbank-Software GmbH announce their collaboration in the configuration and provision of IIoT platforms. The two partners are focusing on the “Industrial Internet of Things” – applications in demanding industries such as process technology, oil […]

Take a Risk Free, Incremental Approach to Modernisation

By Andy Graham, Solutions Manager, SolutionsPT Our increasingly volatile global landscape and revailing health, well-being, societal and economic impacts are forcing us all to reconsider how we live and interact and more importantly how we can continue to thrive as a society. With communities, industries and businesses grappling to respond to the new normal brought […]

Implementing an Edge Security Strategy

Edge Computing has made its way to some of the biggest industries today, and it’s not showing any signs of stopping. It operates outside of the data centre (sometimes even out on the plant floor) close to where the data is collected, saved and used for real-time analytics and decision making. And, as companies navigate the benefits of Edge Computing they […]

Next Generation Stratus ftServers® Optimised for Data-Intensive Applications at the Edge Now Available

Fault-tolerant edge servers deliver up to 50% higher performance ideal for edge architectures for Industrial, Retail, and Financial Services applications Stratus Technologies, a global leader in simplified, protected, autonomous Edge Computing platforms, today announced the next generation of its Stratus ftServer® line of fault tolerant edge servers. Offering up to 50% greater performance, Stratus’ latest […]

Contrinex’s Inductives🧲 Help Tractors🚜 Keep Straight as an Arrow🏹 – www.Agri.PLUSAx.co.uk

Modern tractors are complex, very flexible and capable machines which are constantly being developed over the century since they replaced the traction engine. Contrinex’s rugged inductive sensors are utilised by a family of tractors that offer their drivers the choice between all-wheel steering for example on difficult terrain and two-wheel steering for on-road use when […]

NEW unipaker actions ENERGY & READY MEAL WASTE

Stand K110 At PPMA 2021, Brillopak will showcase its newest award-winning and affordable UniPAKer robotic crate packing platform, launching its most compact and energy-efficient system to-date. By lowering compressed air consumption in the generation of vacuum by up to 45%, the overall carbon footprint of the system is significantly reduced. The single dual head crate […]