New Boston by Danfoss antistatic hoses enhance safety in oil and petroleum transfer operations

Danfoss Power Solutions has launched its Boston by Danfoss EHP530 and EHP531 antistatic hoses. Designed for oil, fuel, and gas transfer applications, the hoses increase safety, reliability, and ease of use.

Suitable for suction and discharge applications, EHP530 and EHP531 antistatic hoses enhance safety by protecting against static buildup and discharge. The inner tube is constructed of a specialized antistatic rubber compound, ensuring 100% antistatic performance. The hoses feature high-tensile textile reinforcement with copper wire for grounding and steel helix wire to prevent collapse during suction, enhancing performance and reliability. An NVC blend rubber cover offers ozone and oil resistance.

EHP530 hose has a pressure rating of 10.5 bar (150 psi) and is available in sizes ranging from -12 to -192. EHP531 hose features a pressure rating of 20.7 bar (300 psi) and is available in sizes ranging from -16 to -128. All hoses within each product line maintain these pressure ratings, offering consistent performance regardless of size. With a 3:1 safety factor, the hoses offer durability and reliability in demanding applications.

EHP530 and EHP531 hoses offer greater flexibility than other petroleum and oil transfer hoses on the market, making them easier to handle during assembly and operation. With dual ink and embossed laylines, the hose is easier to identify — even after a long service life — which improves traceability and simplifies hose replacement.

“Our new Boston by Danfoss EHP530 and EHP531 hoses are a standout product for safety-critical applications such as oil and gas transfer,” said Okan Cebeci, EMEA product manager, Rubber Hydraulic Hose and Fittings, Danfoss Power Solutions. “Offering fully antistatic construction, consistent pressure performance across a variety of sizes, and superior flexibility, the hoses can help increase safety, reliability, and ease of use.”

EHP530 and EHP531 hoses are compatible with various oil types and petroleum, including petroleum products with aromatic content up to 50%. Wide chemical compatibility enables the hoses to be reliably used across a range of applications in the oil and gas industry.

To learn more, visit the Danfoss EHP530 and EHP531 antistatic hose webpage

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