GE&EL+ Regenerative Load & Grid Simulator now available from Intepro

Test and stress applications include renewable energy, power HIL smart grids, batteries, and electric vehicles

Intepro Systems,  a leading provider of test and measurement solutions, introduces the GE&EL+ vAC/DC SiC, from Cinergia, the most complete and versatile Regenerative AC/DC Electronic Load Converter and Grid Simulator on the market.

The GE&EL+ vAC/DC SiC offers revolutionary new regenerative AC/DC technology. Starting at 50kW the device is ideal for testing a wide range of applications, including renewable energy, power HIL (hardware in the loop), smart grids, batteries, and electric vehicles. This device is both an AC and DC grid emulator and can also works as a load.

As a grid emulator, the GE&EL+ vAC/DC SiC emulates real-world electrical grids in both normal and abnormal conditions They can be used to simulate various aspects of the grid, such as:

  • Normal conditions, Voltage, Frequency, Phase angle and Harmonics
  • Abnormal conditions, Voltage dips, Frequency variations, Voltage fluctuations, Flicker

This ability to create diverse grid scenarios makes the GE&EL+ vAC/DC SiC a valuable tool for a variety of applications, including development, test and evaluating the performance and compliance of grid-connected devices, such as:

  • Renewable energy sources (solar panels, wind turbines)
  • Electric vehicle charging stations.
  • Smart grid components
  • Research and education: Studying the behaviour of power systems under different grid conditions.
  • Quality control: Ensuring the reliability and safety of grid-connected equipment.

The attached image shows the new GE&EL+ Regenerative Load & Grid Simulator from Intepro

Intepro Systems offers several different models of grid simulators, each with its own capabilities and power ratings. Their systems offer combined products that integrate grid simulation capabilities with electronic loads for more comprehensive testing needs.

Additional features of the GE&EL+ vAC/DC SiC grid simulators include:

  • Regenerative operation, feeding excess power back into the grid, reducing energy consumption and costs.
  • Flexibility to be programmed to create various grid scenarios.
  • Compact size over a range of power ratings to suit different needs.
  • IEC compliant, meeting the requirements of international testing standards.

The GE&EL+ vAC/DC SiC features a high switching frequency, powered by silicon carbide technology which enables it to accurately simulate the behaviour of real-world loads. The converter is also regenerative, meaning that it can feed power back to the grid, reducing energy consumption and costs.

“The GE&EL+ vAC/DC SiC is a game-changer for the test and measurement industry,” said Joe Engler, CEO of Intepro Systems. “With its unmatched versatility and performance, the GE&EL+ vAC/DC SiC is the perfect solution for engineers who need to test the most demanding applications.”

Cinergia provides cutting-edge technology that enables electrification and energy transition in different markets, including EVs, renewables, and Smart Grids. With more than 15 years of experience in the sector, at Cinergia Power Solutions focuses on continuous innovation in order to offer the most efficient and technologically advanced solutions.

The GE&EL+ vAC/DC SiC is available in a variety of configurations to meet the specific needs of any application.

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