Zygo Corporation, a business unit of AMETEK, Inc. (NYSE: AME), is delighted to announce that it will be exhibiting in Hall 3.1 on booth 501 at this year’s Optatec event 14-16 May in Frankfurt, Germany.

With its focus on development and production of industrial optical components, optomechanics, and optoelectronics, Optatec provides a perfect venue for Zygo to showcase its market-leading non-contact 3D optical metrology solutions, and on the stand will be the ZeGage Pro optical profiler, the VerifireTM Asphere+ (VFA+) and Qualifire laser interferometers.

Peter Kuschnir, European Sales Manager at Zygo says, “At Optatec this year, we will be showcasing the pivotal importance of both our 3D optical profilers and our laser interferometers for manufacturers of precision optical components.   For both production and laboratory settings, our laser interferometers often preferred when characterizing high precision surface form is required, regardless of environment.  They excel in measuring flat, spherical and aspherical surfaces reliably and repeatably.  Our 3D optical profilers are more suitable when the goal is to capture comprehensive surface topography and detailed intricate 3D features. Our ZeGage Pro, VFA+, and Qualifire solutions on show at Optatec are great examples of the versatility and accuracy of our metrology tools in highly dynamic industrial settings.”

The ZeGage Pro uses Coherence Scanning Interferometry (CSI) as its core measurement technology, and truly takes interferometric surface profiling out of the lab and into production settings, delivering surface mapping at the nanometer scale, meeting the needs of most optical component surfaces. The system uses proprietary non-contact measurement technology enhanced with SureScan™ technology for low sensitivity to vibration and easy placement anywhere within a production facility.

The VFA+ leverages the benefits of Fizeau interferometry to provide a unique combination of precise, high resolution, fast, and full aperture metrology for axisymmetric aspheres. It provides a flexible metrology platform to measure a range of axisymmetric aspheres with only a change of the transmission sphere. The VFA+ is equipped with an optional secondary stage which supports a computer-generated hologram (CGH) extending the asphere shape capability to nonsymmetric freeforms and off-axis aspheric optics.

The newly launched QualifireTM is more portable than many of Zygo’s other laser interferometers. Measurements made with laser interferometers tend to be sensitive to noise, contaminants, and other artifacts because of the instrument’s ability to provide nanometer-level precision. An optional module available on the Qualifire ‑ Flying Spot ‑ actively reduces or even eliminates these artifacts, thus enhancing the reliability and repeatability of measurements. Flying Spot combines two of Zygo’s best artifact reduction technologies, Ring of Fire and Coherent Artifact Reduction, and is particularly valuable in applications requiring high precision, including scientific research and advanced optical component manufacturing.

Kuschnir concludes, “A trip to Optatec would be a wasted trip if you don’t come along to see Zygo’s impressive 3D optical metrology solutions on booth 501 in hall 3.1. Zygo has been a market-leader in precision industrial metrology solutions for over 50 years, and the company emphasises the attainment of extremely precise nanometer-level measurements in production environments where often such machines struggle to operate effectively. We look forward to showing you how advanced metrology enables faster and more precise measurements, leading to optimized manufacturing operations and higher product quality.”


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