Meet the Leader: Pulsant Manchester Data Centre Manager, Hakan Yalcin

A data centre leader through the day, one part author and one part basketball player at night, Hakan Yalcin embodies the diversity, competition and collaboration that makes him a unique Mancunian local hero.

Manchester has experienced an evolution in becoming a technological hub that rivals London and the South. It has become a true Northern Digital Powerhouse.

A Greater Manchester survey, Adoption of Digital Technologies (ADiTS), found that 78% of firms there use advanced digital tech, with knowledge and high-tech sectors leading the way. Cloud, Big Data, and AI are the most popular, highlighting the varying adoption rates of different digital technologies.

Yalcin, looks to explore different possibilities and combining alternative perspectives to think outside the box. Yalcin says: “I get the most satisfaction from solving complex problems and finding solutions for internal or external clients. This is done by supporting the growth and development of my team members and fostering a collaborative work culture.”

Since Pulsant had acquired the M247 Manchester site in 2022, Yalcin cites the success down to the unification of the team as being the most impactful change he’s made over the past year. In true Manchester spirit, Yalcin avoided corporate days and brought the team together by building a bug hotel on the site!

Establishing better relationships

Applying this unique approach, to delivering optimal customer service, Yalcin cites the devoted, face to face time to build close connection. Yalcin says: We make sure there are both formal and informal conversations and opportunities to put our knowledge and expertise for customers in the most efficient way.”

“We love engaging with clients that can share future projects, so we can bring this experience to bear from day one – regardless of if this issue arises within the Manchester data centre site or not.  I see any challenges as opportunities to co-operate and broaden our knowledge.”

This focus on collaboration has fostered supplier partnerships, enabling development of custom racks to house unique equipment. It has also motivated Yalcin to ensure his team establish a face-to-face relationship with their clients, which they see frequently to ensure customer experience meets expectations. These site visits are ideal opportunities to take on board new requests and assess any opportunities to improve.

Outside his managerial role, Yalcin is no less inventive. “I played semi-professional basketball in the past and I am looking at coaching a small team, once I have published a collection of the short stories I write.”

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