New INS1001DE GaN driver IC from Innoscience designed to drive LV, MV and HV e-mode GaN HEMTs

Devices target high power, high frequency, and robust power designs

04th April 2024 – Innoscience Technology, the company founded to create a global energy ecosystem based on high-performance, low-cost, gallium-nitride-on-silicon (GaN-on-Si) power solutions, today announced the INS1001DE which is designed to drive single-channel GaN HEMTs in either low-side, high-side, or secondary-side SR applications.

Min Chen, VP of IC Design at Innoscience, comments: “The INS1001DE is perfectly matched to optimize the performance of e-mode GaN HEMTs and particularly innoscience’s e-mode InnoGaN. A strong driving capability and fast propagation delay, along with input noise deglitching and built-in UVLO, OVP, OTP protection features, make the INS1001DE extremely suitable for high power, high frequency, and robust power GaN applications.”

The new gate driver has dual non-inverting and inverting PWM inputs, enabling flexible operation with controller, opto-coupler and digital isolator. Independent Pull-up and Pull-down outputs facilitate the control of turn-on and turn-off speeds. Driver voltage is user-programmable to suit different gate requirements using an external resistor divider. An integrated 5V LDO is included to supply digital isolator or other circuitry in high-side applications.

Featuring a wide 6V to 20V operating voltage range and with a strong 1.3Ω Pull-up and 0.5Ω Pull-down resistance, the INS1001DE is available in thermally-enhanced DFN3x3-10L package. Applications include switch-mode power supplies, AC/DC and DC/DC converters, Boost, Flyback, Forward, Half-Bridge and Full-Bridge converters, synchronous rectification circuits, solar inverters, motor control and UPS.

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