FLIR at Intertraffic 2024

Visionary thinking continues to see AI innovations optimising traffic flow

At FLIR, we see things a little differently. We are constantly looking of new ways to enhance the safety and efficiency of cities around the world, through ground-breaking innovation and advanced technological excellence. This way of thinking has led us to find solutions that take care of road systems, and most importantly, take care of the people using them.

Continuing its visionary approach, Flir is set to showcase cutting-edge AI innovations that promise to optimize traffic flow at this year’s Intertraffic. Among the highlights is the introduction of FLIR Trafibot AI, a revolutionary solution for interurban automation incident detection and traffic data collection.

The compact and rugged TrafiBot AI, a CCTV monitoring camera solution, takes center stage, offering automatic incident detection, traffic data collection, and smoke detection. Fueled by AI and its patented 3D world tracker technology, TrafiBot AI guarantees top-tier detection quality and traffic data precision for tunnels, bridges, and highways. Importantly, FLIR’s proprietary AI technology ensures license-free usage.

In addition to these advancements, FLIR will demonstrate the seamless integration of its updated AI sensors into traffic lights, presenting a smart solution for advanced traffic monitoring in complex urban settings. Visitors can witness how FLIR’s AI sensors turn the concept of vehicle-to-everything (V2X) connectivity into a tangible reality today, facilitating communication between vehicles, infrastructure, and pedestrians.

With a reputation as a supplier of field-proven technology, FLIR continues to excel with comprehensive, all-in-one solutions. The company’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of AI in traffic management is evident in its forward-thinking technologies that promise to transform the way we navigate and optimize traffic environments.

Visit Flir at Intertraffic 2024, stand number 01.335.

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