Thermal Management Expo Europe Unveils Unparalleled Business Opportunities for High-Tech Industries

The flagship event of the global Thermal Management Expo portfolio, Thermal Management Expo North America is a unique, free-to-attend exhibition and conference that connects senior engineers and key decision-makers with suppliers specializing in thermal systems and materials. No other event provides the opportunity for professionals working across sectors like Automotive, Aerospace & Defense, Electronics, Energy, Telecoms/5G, and Medical to delve into the latest thermal innovations and solutions. Attendees can tap into the advantages of cross-sector networking and in-person engagements with the latest thermal materials, components, and technologies available in the market.


Co-located with Ceramics Expo, this event is scheduled for April 29 – May 1, 2024 at Suburban Collection Showplace, Novi, Michigan, USA. Thermal Management Expo promises to showcase the latest systems, materials, and technologies to address thermal management challenges across several high-tech industries. Global market leading suppliers and manufacturers including Alloy Enterprises, Burger Group, Henkel, Huber, Linseis, Parker Hannifin, TCLAD, Thermtest and Stirweld, will be showcasing their innovative solutions. In addition to the exhibition, the free-to-attend conference will feature sessions led by technical experts from prominent companies like Intergalatic, Heraeus, Blueshift, Diabatix, Neural Concept, ZF Group and more. These sessions will provide insights into thermal management systems and design, covering topics such as supply chain optimization, EV thermal management, data center cooling, thermal design and AI, thermal simulation, microelectronics and semiconductors.

Driven by advancements in new and emerging technologies, such as the rising demand for EV battery cooling and the miniaturization of electronics within the 5G and telecoms sector, the global thermal management market is projected to be worth $85.49 billion by 2030.

Ipek Saltik, Exhibition Director, emphasized, “Thermal Management assumes a critical role in every application. This annual event stands as a beacon of innovation, facilitating invaluable exchanges of insights, advancements, and best practices, thus driving forward the future of thermal management.”

Registration is now open, and Thermal Management Expo Europe encourages interested visitors to pre-register for free via the website at

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