FPT Industrial, the Iveco Group brand dedicated to the design, production, and sale of low-environmental impact powertrains, reached another significant milestone at its plant in Cordoba (Argentina) with the production of engine number 200,000, less than two years after reaching the milestone of 150,000 in September 2022.
Established in 2012, the Cordoba plant is dedicated to the production of powertrains for on-road and off-road vehicles, agricultural and construction machinery, and power generation sets.
Its two assembly lines produce the medium-sized NEF range together with the Cursor 9, 10, 11 and 13 heavy engine versions, with engine number 200,000 being a powerful Cursor 13 Euro VI headed to Brazil. In fact, the plant is not only an important production center in the country, but also distinguishes itself as an exporter: in the case of the Cursor, 100% of the engines produced are shipped to Brazil.

“Two hundred thousand engines is a significant accomplishment shared by everyone who is part of FPT Industrial. Undoubtedly, this would not have been possible without the commitment of each member of the team, contributing their work and knowledge towards the company’s growth and development every single day,” said Marco Rangel, Vice President of FPT Industrial for Latin America. He went on to add: “Of course, strategic partnerships that drive the innovation and sustainability of our products are also essential; through them we are active in each of the key industrial sectors.”

The main FPT Industrial clients in Argentina include CNH Industrial, Palmero, and Caimán for agricultural and construction equipment; IVECO for light, medium, and heavy commercial vehicles; and Himoinsa, Elektrogen, Powgen, and Casa Fenk in the power generators segment.

Achieving this historic milestone is the Cursor 13 engine, equipped with a 2,200 bar Common Rail high-pressure injection system, electronically controlled variable geometry turbocharger, and FPT Industrial’s proprietary HI-eSCR after-treatment solution which allows it to comply with Euro VI standards without the need for an EGR system.

Newly calibrated for the Brazilian market, the FPT Industrial Cursor 13 Common Rail e-VGT offers greater agility and high reliability for cargo transport. In addition, it introduces a new four-stage engine brake operating strategy, providing greater braking safety and maximum braking power of 610 hp in the 4th stage, with a gain of 150 hp over Euro V vehicles.

The Cordoba plant is also Iveco Group’s point of reference for DOT (Driving Operations Together), a results-oriented program that seeks to optimize operations worldwide and promote sustainability in all products and processes, while boosting national production and the company’s profitability.

“FPT Industrial continues to strengthen its position in the domestic and international market thanks to its focus on quality, DOT innovation, and strategic partnerships. Our commitment to excellence and the delivery of high-performance products continues to be the driver of our success,” remarked Soledad Serral, DOT Department in Argentina.

DOT is a holistic vision of the company which is results focused, thus promoting a proactive and responsible mindset throughout the organization, since it is based on a series of key principles that cut across all areas: accountability, commitment to customers, teamwork, innovation, trust, ease of implementation, and agility. In summary, DOT is destined to be a key driver of the improvement not only of production processes but of the entire operation, helping to meet the company’s goals and to inspire a new culture of excellence.

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