For 35 years, Accumold has led the way in the industrial use of micro molding for industries in need of cost-effective, prompt delivery of miniaturized components. As the need for intricately shaped geometries grows, alongside the use of diverse and challenging-to-process thermoplastics, and increasingly stringent precision requirements, Accumold has consistently risen to meet these evolving demands.

At the Optical Networking & Communication (OFC) Conference and Exhibition, San Diego, CA, USA, Accumold is delighted to be displaying an array of parts and components showcasing the versatility, precision, and accuracy of its micro molding service, and the variety of materials and applications that it has experience in manufacturing. The company can be found on booth 1913 at OFC from 26-28 March 2024.

For years, Accumold has been at the forefront of the optics industry, consistently delivering innovative products in collaboration with a diverse range of businesses, from dynamic small and medium-sized enterprises to leading multinational corporations. The micro-optics field demands extreme precision, ensuring that products and components are not only crafted with the utmost accuracy but are also delivered efficiently and cost-effectively. It’s crucial for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to partner with a micro molding specialist that combines deep expertise with a proven track record to achieve superior results.

Micro molded silicone lens

Paul Runyan, VP Sales & Marketing at Accumold says, “We’re excited to showcase our capabilities at this year’s OFC event and eager to delve into the optics industry’s demand for precise micro optical components. At the forefront of our agenda is the importance of early collaboration. We advocate for early engagement with our team in the design phase to secure manufacturing excellence. Accumold stands as a developmental ally to leading OEMs across a spectrum of industries. Our partnership approach has repeatedly proven successful, surpassing the performance of other suppliers where they may face challenges.”

Since its inception in the 1980s, Accumold has set the standard for micro molding in North America, with over three decades of continuous innovation in micro manufacturing technology. Today, the company stands as the pre-eminent leader in micro molding, occupying a 130,000 square-foot advanced facility, built to guarantee supply chain security. The company is home to 350 dedicated employees and delivers its intricate parts and components to a global clientele. The expansive nature of Accumold’s operations is especially suited to handle the high-volume production demands of its customers, reliably delivering millions of precision parts annually.

Accumold operates as a fully vertically integrated entity, with an in-house suite of services that includes design support, advanced material selection, precision micro tool fabrication, micro molding, stringent validation processes, and state-of-the-art automated assembly.

With certifications such as ISO 13485, ISO 9001, and ISO 14001, Accumold demonstrates its capability to serve various industry sectors, thriving on the production of precision-engineered parts that meet tight tolerances, many of which are integral to safety-critical applications.

The company invites all attendees at OFC 2024 to visit its booth and discuss any applications with its expert team, who will be able to talk attendees through the possibilities that exist for micro molding your optical parts and components.

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