FLIR Announces Si2-Series of Acoustic Imagers to Detect Compressed Air Leaks, Partial Discharges, Mechanical Faults, and Quantify Gas Leaks

New Si2-Pro, Si2-LD, and Si2-PD models provide best-in-class performance, decision support, fleet management and enterprise data integration with new on-screen gas leak quantification, partial discharge assessment, and mechanical fault measurement.

March 5, 2024 – FLIR, a Teledyne Technologies company, today announced the expansion of its versatile Si-Series of acoustic imaging cameras with three models in the new Si2 family, designed for detecting compressed air leaks, specialty gas leaks, mechanical faults, and partial discharges: the Si2-Pro, Si2-LD, and Si2-PD. The Si2-Series offers industrial-grade solutions for the detection of air and gas leaks as well as mechanical faults such as bearing issues, addressing the top inspection requirements for industries such as manufacturing, electrical, and utilities.

FLIR’s new Si2-Series cameras provide superior performance, with the ability to identify issues over longer distances, detect and measure with increased sensitivity, and produce more accurate classification of issues.

The new Si2-Pro, the Si2-LD and the Si2-PD models offer the best image quality on the market. Improvements in acoustic camera picture quality include 12 MP color camera, 8x digital zoom, and LED illumination for addressing dark areas. The Si2 also has increased battery life to keep professionals in the field longer without the need for swapping power sources. The specialty gas leak quantification and cost estimates have been expanded beyond compressed air to include other common industrial gases such as hydrogen, CO₂, methane, helium, argon, ammonia, and more.
The Si2 cameras apply an array of acoustic imaging advancements that work to detect and quantify air and gas leaks, mechanical faults, and partial discharge, making them the top-performing acoustic imaging cameras on the market for these types of detections.

• FLIR Si2-Pro: Industrial acoustic imaging camera for pressurized leak detection, mechanical fault detection, and partial discharge detection with on-camera severity assessments
• FLIR Si2-LD: Industrial acoustic imaging camera for pressurized leak detection and mechanical fault detection in manufacturing and other industrial environments
• FLIR Si2-PD: Industrial acoustic imaging camera for partial discharge detection with on-camera severity assessments for power infrastructure inspection

FLIR’s advanced automatic filtering identifies leaks by their sound signatures even in the noisiest of industrial environments. The new ‘mech mode’ feature of the Si2-Series enhances site safety by enabling quick detection of mechanical issues, such as bearing faults, empowering professionals to rapidly evaluate conditions, identify problems, and implement solutions.

Plant professionals can swiftly identify mechanical, leak and partial discharge issues, then generate reports for urgent attention. On-camera decision support tools include mechanical defect measurement, classification and severity assessment of partial discharges, leak size estimation, and cost analysis.
The Si2-Pro, the most comprehensive solution that combines the features of the Si2-PD and Si2-LD, actively lowers costs by addressing mechanical bearing issues and partial discharge on electrical equipment, and it also significantly cuts leaks in facilities to reduce expenses from compressed air and gas leaks.

“Increasing safety while avoiding costly failures is the aim of the new Si-Series. With the addition of three leading-edge models that scale up for professional use in a wide variety of situations, the new Si2-Series of cameras cement their position as the industry’s most complete, enterprise-ready solution,” said Rob Milner, Business Development Director, FLIR. “The highly capable FLIR Thermal Studio will also be upgraded to include gas-leak quantification, making data simple to record and easier to share via reports between users, cutting down the time to perform and record multiple site inspections.”

To complement the Si2-Series of acoustic imaging cameras, FLIR provides its acoustic training platform and 24/7 support through its global service organization. To learn more about FLIR Acoustic Imaging Solutions, please visit:

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