Plastics Live  — the only dedicated plastics event on the calendar in the United Kingdom in 2024 — is proud to announce an exciting roundtable discussion with some leading players from the UK additive manufacturing (AM) scene.

Plastics Live sees plastic manufacturing as incorporating technologies and issues that in many instances are seen as separate concerns for mainstream plastic production, such as AM, smart manufacturing, Industry 4.0, and environmental and sustainability issues.

The organisers of the show especially understand the necessity for AM and Industry 4.0 technologies and services to be presented inside a general manufacturing show, and recognise the fact that many long established AM only trade shows are now struggling to survive as exhibitors and visitors alike now see technologies such as AM as a complementary part of the overall manufacturing ecosystem.

Scott Colman, show organiser says, “As one of the many on-site learning opportunities at this year’s Plastics Live, we are today excited to announce our AM roundtable discussion running on day 1. The focus of the session will be around when it is the right time to shift from conventional plastic manufacturing to AM, and when to subcontract AM work, or buy in-house machines. Chairing will be well known AM expert Andrew Allshorn owner of 3D-Squared, Nick Allen CEO at 3DPRINTUK, Neil Sewell CEO of Solid Print3D, Rich Proctor MD at AME-Group, and Jo Young, Managing Director at Additive-X. We are delighted that such a high calibre group of experts have agreed to come along to Plastics Live to give their insight for the benefit of our visitors.”

By consolidating AM within Plastics Live, the organisers are reflecting the industry’s move towards holistic and future-proof manufacturing strategies. In the modern manufacturing ecosystem, success relies on the seamless integration of various technologies and disciplines.

John Jones, Plastics Live Sales Manager says. “We are really excited to have the AM roundtable at Plastics Live 2024. Anyone associated with the AM sector will realise just how strong the panel is. At plastics related events today, manufacturers seek comprehensive solutions that encompass the full spectrum of their operational needs, from design and prototyping to production and supply chain management. By showcasing AM alongside traditional plastics manufacturing processes and tools, Plastics Live facilitates a more nuanced understanding of how these technologies can complement and enhance existing plastics manufacturing capabilities. This integrated approach enables show attendees to make informed decisions and investments that align with their overarching business objectives, ultimately driving greater efficiency, competitiveness, and sustainable growth.”

You can register for Plastics Live 2024 HERE and access to the AM roundtable and all learning opportunities at the show can be accessed free of charge.


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