Innoscience launches 700V integrated GaN HEMT IC family, saving component count, board space and design complexity

IC includes HEMT, driver, current sense and protection; eliminates LDO in USB-PD designs


February 26, 2024 – Innoscience the company founded to create a global energy ecosystem based on high-performance, low-cost, gallium-nitride-on-silicon (GaN-on-Si) power solutions, today announced a family of four new integrated  devices that combine power GaN HEMT, driver, current sense and other functions within a single, industry-standard QFN 6x8mm package. The 700V ISG610x SolidGaN devices cover the range from 140mΩ to 450mΩ, and save PCB space and BOM count, while increasing efficiency and simplifying design for applications including USB-PD chargers, LED lighting, and AC/DC power supplies and PFC, QR flyback, ACF, and LLC converters.


The new, integrated devices feature a wide 9V-80V VCC range which is beneficial in USB-PD applications that require up to 28V output. Competitive devices which have a limited 30V input voltage require an external high voltage LDO or several discrete components to achieve higher than 15V output. Innoscience’s new SolidGaN parts can easily cover the USB-PD output voltage requirements without external LDO or other parts, saving BOM cost and board area.


For low power operation, ISG610x family ICs also feature a low, 115µA quiescent current, thanks to an innovative automatic standby mode which is activated when the PWM signal voltage remains low for a certain time period. During this time, most of the internal circuitry is turned off, dramatically reducing energy wastage, enabling devices to meet the No-Load standby power specifications of regulatory bodies such as ENERGYSTAR.


The loss-less current sensing with 7% accuracy of the new SolidGaN devices offers several benefits. Firstly, because the current sensing resistor loss is eliminated, a larger RDS(on) can be accommodated with no loss in performance, leading to cost reduction. Secondly, component count is reduced and PCB footprint is minimized.


Commented Min Chen, VP of Design Engineering, Innoscience: “The high level of integration with high current sense accuracy and low quiescent current makes the ISG610x family suitable for a simple-to-use, low component count, and high efficiency applications.”


Devices also feature a programmable switch turn-on slew rate to enable EMI reduction. An internal linear voltage regulator is included to assure a tightly regulated 6.5V driver supply, maximizing GaN HEMT current capability while ensuring the reliability of the GaN HEMT. Finally, built-in under-voltage lock-out (UVLO), over-current protection (OCP) and over-temperature protection (OTP) are incorporated within the IC.


A demo board, INNDAD120B1, is available, describing a quasi-resonant flyback power supply with 90V~264V AC input and 5V/3A, 9V/3A, 12V/3A, 15V/3A, 20V/6A (120W peak) output.


Dr. Denis Marcon, General Manager, Innoscience Europe comments: “I am very excited on the introduction of these new integrated parts for HV applications thus complementing our portfolio of discrete solutions which are also readily available. Now engineers can choose from us between both a discrete or integrated solution, as best fits their applications and supply chain needs.”

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