Zygo Corporation, a global leader in precision 3D optical metrology solutions, proudly announces the expansion of its operations in India with the hiring of a dedicated sales and marketing team. This strategic move underscores Zygo’s commitment to the rapidly growing Indian manufacturing market and aims to provide enhanced support to local customers.


Founded in 1970, Zygo has been at the forefront of technological innovation for over five decades. The company has consistently pushed the boundaries in precision optics and metrology, with a rich history of pioneering high-quality instrumentation and systems. Zygo’s product categories span a broad range, including advanced optical profilers, laser interferometers, and metrology software, all designed to meet the highest standards of accuracy and reliability.


Zygo serves a diverse array of industries, including semiconductor manufacturing, automotive, aerospace, medical devices, and consumer electronics. Each industry benefits from Zygo’s commitment to precision and quality, ensuring that products meet stringent specifications and perform optimally.


Neil Curtis, DVP Sales, Marketing, and Service at Zygo Corporation says, “India’s manufacturing sector has seen exponential growth in recent years, driven by government initiatives such as ‘Make in India’ and an increasing focus on high-precision manufacturing. This growth has led to a heightened demand for sophisticated 3D optical metrology solutions, which are critical for quality control and process optimization in manufacturing environments. Zygo’s expansion in India is a response to this growing demand, with the aim to offer localized support and expertise to Indian manufacturers.”


The new sales and marketing team in India will play a pivotal role in understanding the unique needs of the Indian market and will work closely with customers to provide tailored solutions. This local presence not only signifies Zygo’s commitment to the Indian market but also ensures that customers in the region receive timely and effective support, enhancing their operational efficiency and product quality.


As Zygo Corporation continues to innovate and expand its global footprint, the Indian manufacturing market remains a key area of focus. With a dedicated team in place, Zygo is well-positioned to contribute to the advancement of India’s manufacturing capabilities and to forge lasting partnerships in the region.


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