Foremost Electronics increases range of FIBOX HMI protection windows

Rugged safety locked transparent covers provide high ingress and impact protection

Foremost Electronics, the engineering-led Essex based importer and specialist distributor of electromechanical components and sub-systems, announces the availability of three new sizes added to the range of Human-Machine Interface (HMI) protection windows from enclosure manufacturer FIBOX.

FIBOX PW products can be used to protect control equipment or touch panels and feature integrated hinges and two double-bit locks providing system security while allowing easy access for operators.

With a secure low profile, continuous hinge design and sleek integrated quarter turn locks, FIBOX Protection Windows (PW) limit access where security and safety are needed. The PW series provides the deepest working area and the largest viewing space available. The key feature of the FIBOX PW product range is its ability to work with any underlying enclosure. The PW provides an easy to install, secure HMI access point to any enclosure or flat surface and provides high ingress and impact protection IP66 and IK09

The PW series are suitable for use for use with FIBOX enclosures or those from any other manufacturer. The secure low profile, continuous hinge design and sleek integrated quarter turn locks of the protection windows limits access when security and safety are needed.

FIBOX Protection Windows available from Foremost Electronics

FIBOX PW series are now available in five sizes all fitted with double bit locks as standard:

291 x 244 x 88mm PW 292409 T 4901884

340 x 300 x 90 mm PW 343009T 4901824

394 x 346 x 88mm PW 403409 T 4901904

450 x 400 x 90 mm PW 454009T 4901804

503 x 451 x 88mm PW 504409 T 4901844

Key features include:

Low profile continuous hinge.

Overlapping cover for strength and increased gasket protection.

DB3 quarter turn lock (other key solutions on request).

IP 66 IK 09 −40°C +120°C.

Large viewing area.

Transparent covers.

Integrated PUR gasket.

Dave Martin, Business Development Director at Foremost Electronics, says, FIBOX have extended their recently introduced range of HMI panel protection windows in response to the great demand they have experienced which reflects the increasing requirements for protection of HMI panels. FIBOX are expert at providing secure enclosures suitable for all environments. With the growth of touch screens used in industrial control and automation a secure cover has become a necessity to protect them for harsh environments and make them tamper proof.

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