Wide range of Huber+Suhner connectors, cables and accessories available from stock at Lane Electronics

Lane Electronics, are a leading authorised distributor for Huber+Suhner, a leading global provider of high-performance connectors for the transmission of analogue and digital signals. Lane Electronics hold extensive stocks of their RF miniature, subminiature and microminiature connectors, and can supply coaxial and microwave cables and cable assemblies on short lead times.


Applications for Huber+Suhner products include aerospace and defence, test and measurement, energy, medical, general industrial, mobile networks, fixed access networks, data centres, communication equipment, railway, automotive (both conventional and electric vehicles). Huber+Suhner antennas and protection devices for transport and communication systems are also available from Lane Electronics.


Huber+Suhner products available from Lane Electronics include:

  • RF miniature, mid-size and high voltage connectors – suitable for the transmission of analogue and digital signals.
  • RF subminiature – an extensive selection of RF connectors for applications from 4GHz up to 40GHz.
  • RF microminiature connectors – developed for board-to-board and coaxial-to-board RF applications at very high frequencies.
  • QMA and QN connectors – a snap-on alternative to the widely used SMA and N type connectors..
  • RF coaxial cables – industry-leading range of high-performance coaxial cables. used in transport, communication, test and measurement and other applications.
  • Microwave cables – high performance cable assemblies for various applications ranging from Test and Measurement to Military and Space grade.
  • RF cable assemblies – coaxial, fibre optic, power and signal cable assemblies and harnesses
  • Test and Measurement – Coaxial and EMC test leads, adaptors, terminations, attenuators, and test kits.
  • Antennas – a range of cellular and Wi-Fi antennas suitable for both indoor and harsh environments.
  • Lightning protection – designed to protect RF equipment against damage caused by electromagnetic pulses generated by lightning.

As a leading franchised distributor for many of the industry’s major electrical and electronic connector manufacturers, Lane Electronics are the preferred connector source across many industry sectors including defence, avionics, motorsport, marine, communications, medical, test and measurement, general industrial solutions and geophysical. A major source for all key connector types, Lane Electronics have a multi-million-pound connector and piece-part stockholding and can offer next-day delivery.

For more information call +44 (0) 1403 790 661, email [email protected] or visit https://www.fclane.com/

the range of Huber+Suhner products stocked by Lane Electronics.

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