The end of January sees leading precision and micro injection molding innovator Accumold return to the SPIE Photonics West event in San Francisco, CA, USA 27th January to 1st February.

On booth 1566 at Photonics West, Accumold will be showcasing its expertise as the world’s leading high-tech manufacturer of precision micro molded plastic components with part geometries from 5cm to less than 1mm in size. The company’s 30-plus years at the forefront of micro molding innovation ensures that it leads with expertise in insert molding, clean room molding, and 2-shot molding across materials like PEEK, Ultem, LCP, and a wide range of engineered thermoplastics.

Accumold’s history in the micro optics marketplace spans decades, and the company has proudly partnered with leading SMEs and major international corporations to craft ground-breaking products that push the boundaries of innovation. In the photonics sector where supreme precision is not just desired but required, Accumold has cemented its role as the micro molding authority for OEMs seeking to create components that are not only complex and diminutive but also precise, timely, and cost-effective.

Paul Runyan, VP Sales & Marketing at Accumold, says. “The critical importance is to integrate seasoned micro-optic suppliers like Accumold into the design phase as early as possible. It’s our partnership approach, versus a mere vendor relationship, that enables the fusion of specialized micro manufacturing and micro-optic expertise into your projects for solutions that are both efficient and economical. We are able to produce micro-optic marvels such as 250-micron fiber optic lenses, parallel arrays, demux devices, and diffractive lenses, enhanced by our experience in molding attenuated resins and applying coatings like IR, AR, and reflective layers onto plastic substrates. The complex demands of crafting micro-sized optical couplers, embedding lenses into housings, replicating lens profiles to a quarter wave accuracy, and achieving lens surface finishes within 50 angstroms are why we have dedicated tooling specialists to ensure your light transmission projects are flawlessly executed.”

Beyond tooling intricacies, the meticulous nature of the molding process, precise metrology, and automated post-molding assembly are essential to maintaining the integrity of micro-optics from conception to final assembly. Partnering with Accumold means engaging with a leader in the field, a company whose three-decade legacy in micro molding brings unparalleled experience and the capability to scale production to meet any demand. This reassurance of stability and efficiency translates into cost-effective solutions for Accumold’s customers.

Runyan concludes, “The exacting tolerances inherent in micro-optic applications, necessitate that OEMs collaborate with seasoned experts like Accumold from the outset to achieve precise, timely, and cost-effective manufacturing outcomes. We invite all Photonics West attendees to join us at booth 1566, where we’re excited to showcase our successes in micro molding and discuss how our expertise can elevate your micro-optics projects. Engage with our expert team and let’s explore how our partnership can illuminate the path to your product’s success.”

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