Advantech Lists on DJSI Index with Top Scores in Five Key Areas: Acknowledgment for its Sustainable Planet Vision

Taipei, 14 December 2023 Advantech (TW-2395), a global industrial IoT leader, has achieved its debut ranking among the top 10% of companies in sustainable development on the Dow Jones Sustainability World Index (DJSI-World). Furthermore, Advantech has demonstrated exceptional performance in the S&P Global Corporate Sustainability Assessment. In addition to attaining the fourth position in the THQ Computers & Peripherals and Office Electronics sector, Advantech also ranks first in governance and economic dimensions and the second position in the social dimension category. It received perfect scores in five crucial aspects out of a possible 25 evaluation criteria: “Tax Policy,” “Innovation Management,” “Resource Efficiency and Circularity,” “Waste Management,” and “Privacy Protection.” This exemplifies Advantech’s commitment to aligning its business activities with a sustainable vision, reinforcing its mission to collaborate with supply chain partners and establishing itself as a global standard for sustainable organizations, all while embodying the ethos of “Enabling an Intelligent Planet.”


Mr. Eric Chen, the President of General Management at Advantech, has outlined the company’s recent commitment to the “Enabling an Intelligent Planet” vision as its ESG development goal. He stated, “With the aim of accelerating the worldwide shift to zero-carbon practices, Advantech officially joined the RE100 in June of this year. Moreover, Advantech’s Sustainable Development Committee has established two primary objectives: achieving complete reliance on renewable energy sources at all operational sites worldwide by 2040, and attaining net-zero emissions by 2050. Simultaneously, Advantech has been actively incorporating a diverse range of sustainable smart solutions, such as intelligent energy management systems (iEMS), smart healthcare, smart factories, and smart transportation, into its core business. By establishing partnerships within industry chain ecosystems, Advantech successfully generated more than 18% of its revenue from sustainable products in 2022. This success demonstrates Advantech’s commitment to aligning its corporate capabilities with sustainable objectives and pursuing a balanced ESG development approach across all fronts.”


With regard to corporate governance, Advantech has appointed a Sustainability Development Committee to oversee the comprehensive ESG development strategy at the board level. The integration of sustainability considerations into day-to-day business operations, fortifying sustainable operational competitiveness, achieving industry-leading rankings, and being re-selected among the top 5% in the “Corporate Governance Evaluation” for publicly traded companies this year are all outcomes of Advantech’s executive alignment with ESG performance. Advantech’s future objectives are to maintain its emphasis on the following three sustainability axes: “Green Operations,” “IoT Popularization for Common Good,” and “Employee Wellbeing and Charity Investment.” Through deliberate, methodical, and controlled endeavors, Advantech aims to consistently yield exceptional results, thereby establishing itself as a robust benchmark organization.


In addressing environmental considerations, Advantech conducted research regarding Internal Carbon Pricing (ICP) and obtained an ISO 14067 statement for its initial product carbon footprint in the fourth quarter of this year. To address growing concerns surrounding biodiversity, Advantech utilizes its AIoT capabilities to identify opportunities, assess collective biodiversity vulnerabilities, and engage staff in practical ecological conservation endeavors such as the restoration of coastal forests and the adoption of wetland areas. In green product initiatives and sustainable practices, Advantech reduces carbon emissions through the use of eco-friendly packaging materials. It has expanded efforts in supplier governance, promoting a green and low-carbon supply chain and implementing key supplier enhancement plans. This ensures consistent ESG standards throughout the supply chain, reinforces sustainable partnerships, and advances toward a sustainable supply chain.


Within the societal domain, Advantech collaborates with industry, government, academia, and research to advance “Co-Creation Value Chains” through the “Integration of Learning and Application, Open Innovation, and Universal Education.” This approach encourages IoT-themed learning and innovation, utilizing Advantech’s industrial IoT sector resources and strengths. This initiative aims to streamline the process of students entering the workforce, grants vital opportunities for startups to validate their products or services in the market, and underscores Advantech’s unwavering commitment to youth employment and entrepreneurship. The Advantech ABLE Club continues to promote community development through three main areas: sustainable education, IoT innovation, and humanities literacy, striving to foster intelligent and happy communities. In line with this commitment, Advantech unveiled its blueprint for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) strategy, outlining progress and phased objectives for the year. Talent development projects were prioritized, and efforts were directed toward implementing digital transformation strategies for talent information and diversifying recruitment channels, reflecting a “people-first” approach to cultivating a satisfying work environment.


Advantech’s deep commitment to sustainability and its recognized ESG performance on both domestic and international fronts have led to its inclusion in the DJSI index. In 2022, it received a silver medal of EcoVadis and a B Level rating from CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project). As we move into 2024, Advantech remains committed to upholding its motto of “Enabling an Intelligent Planet,” nurturing more robust local and global connections, and furthering its global commitment to sustainability.

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