Delta and Powerdot Collaborate to Empower Electric Mobility in the European Market

Delta, a global leader in power and thermal management solutions, collaborates with Powerdot, a pioneering charging point operator in Europe. Together, Delta and Powerdot will deliver advanced EV charging solutions, empowering European communities with efficient, convenient, and future-ready charging solutions. The alliance underscores Delta’s commitment to sustainability and Powerdot’s commitment to delivering seamless EV charging to create a greener and better-connected Europe for EV drivers.
Vincent Lin, Vice President of eMobility & Smart Energy Solution, Delta EMEA, stated: “Delta is thrilled to join forces with Powerdot to bring advanced EV charging solutions to the dynamic European market. This partnership aligns with Delta’s commitment to sustainable development and our vision of creating a cleaner, smarter, and more energy-efficient world.”

João Seabra, Powerdot’s Head of Central Operations, added, “Delta’s EV chargers are a testament to unwavering reliability and the company’s commitment to stringent quality standards. This dedication ensures users benefit from consistent and trustworthy charging solutions, reinforcing Powerdot as a reliable choice for navigating the electric future.”

Powerdot, a leading European charging point operator, focuses on destination charging, providing solutions in retail spaces across France, Portugal, Belgium, Luxembourg, Spain, and Poland. With over 3,500 operational charging points and plans to deploy more than 8,000 across Europe, Powerdot aims to make EV charging as convenient as charging a smartphone.

As a global leader in EV charging infrastructure provision, Delta offers a comprehensive portfolio of EV Charging Infrastructure Solutions designed specifically for residential, commercial, destination, and public/fleet charging applications. This makes it easy to meet the diverse charging needs of EV drivers while also mitigating the impact on the grid. Delta’s scalable solutions simplify the process of planning, installing, and managing the charging infrastructure in preparation for the evolving EV future.

The collaboration between Delta and Powerdot marks a transformative chapter in Europe’s journey towards sustainable mobility. As these industry leaders integrate their expertise, the alliance promises a future where reliable, efficient, and convenient EV charging solutions play a central role in shaping a cleaner and smarter Europe.

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