New nVent SCHROFF RatiopacPRO Style Desktop Case product range available from Foremost Electronics

Design the difference – individualise desktop cases with ease

Environmentally friendly – use of recycled materials, limited use of plastic

Foremost Electronics, a UK Platinum Parter for nVent SCHROFF enclosures, are now able to supply the new nVent SCHROFF RatiopacPRO Style portfolio of modular, 19” desktop cases. In addition to providing robust protection for electronic components, RatiopacPRO cases may be customised to reflect the look of a brand’s corporate identity and stand out in the market.

Ideal for desktop enclosures, the RatiopacPRO Style platform offers thousands of standard configuration options to meet design and protection requirements quickly, easily and cost-effectively. Totally bespoke enclosures, that reflect users’ vision or brand identity may also be configured with ease.

Test and measurement companies around the world increasingly require the appearance and functionality of their desktop enclosures to reflect their corporate brand values and identity, yet traditional customisation routes are often time-consuming, inflexible and require additional tools.

nVent SCHROFF’s RatiopacPRO Style portfolio of modular, 19” desktop cases for scientific instrument, optical measurement and visual inspection applications overcomes this challenge by enabling thousands of potential enclosure configurations to be created quickly, easily and cost-effectively.

The RatiopacPRO Style online configurator shortcuts the design process, saving customers approximately 65% of the time they would have spent evaluating and developing entirely new mechanical housing concepts. The configurator allows customers to equip a new desktop enclosure design to functionally meet the needs of applications in the work environment, from extra protection for electronics and RF shielding to an easy stacking capability.

  • Configuration and Individualisation – Choose from a wide range of desktop enclosure sizes and fixing and mounting options, then individualize your desktop case with your choice of colours, covers, rubber strips and printed surface options.
  • Modularity – Sizes range from a height of 2 U to 6 U, width of 28 HP to 84 HP, and depth of 255.5 – 415.5 mm, Front Panel fixing options, RF-shielding, perforation options and component mounting options.
  • Design Elements – Frame: 19 colours, top and bottom covers :15 colours, side covers: 15 colours, rubber strip: 2 colours. All components available in custom colours on request
  • High Quality Printing – Complex graphics with fine details using a UV printing process guaranteeing high scratch resistance and UV resistance. Printing of white ink enables realistic representation of light colours.
  • Aesthetic and Functional Design – Increased security through frame design, rubber strip for a secure stand and protection from shock and vibration, new perforation for improved airflow, RF-shielding and IP protection.
  • Usability – Different front and rear options, integrated feet and stacking function. Easy to assemble and screwless design.

RatiopacPRO Style allows users to choose a desktop case that meets their application and cost requirements. For a quick and simple solution, a standard desktop enclosure will be ideal. To modify the look and feel of a standard case, there are thousands of options available. Or a totally bespoke desktop enclosure can be configured that reflects customer’s vision and brand identity.

  • Standard – Simple and fast with 220 standard item numbers. Available in quantities from 1 unit. One colour scheme available, appealing design
  • Modified – Simple, fast and unique with up to 1,000 different configuration options. Large range of standard colour options to mix and match, individual printing of covers. Available within 15 days.
  • Custom – Leverage custom colours for all components. Stand-out with complex graphics, individualise size and shape with unique cut-outs, cooling concepts, etc.
  • New Packaging Concept – Environmentally-friendly, using recycled materials and limited use of plastics.

Dave Martin, Business Development Director at Foremost Electronics, says, “The new nVent SCHROFF RatiopacPRO Style range of modular, 19” desktop cases give customers the opportunity to unlock their design potential and achieve standout aesthetics that can showcase a unique vision. Simple to visualise and order using the online configurator RatiopacPRO Style saves design time and offers great flexibility.”

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