Dimensionics Density reported a surge in interest and engagement with its innovative automated density determination technology at Formnext 2023, reinforcing the trend in the additive manufacturing (AM) sector towards cost-effective, reliable, and automated technologies appropriate for volume production applications.

Philipp Pruesse, Head of Sales at Dimensionics Density says “To say we were overwhelmed by the interest we received from attendees at Formnext would be an understatement, and in the days since the show, we have been busy securing commercial engagement from companies across industry. We are convinced that the level of interest is because our automated density determination technology exists at the sweet spot of demand in the AM ecosystem, where validation and automation are critical. Validation in AM is crucial when the technology is used for production because it ensures the reliability and quality of 3D printed parts, especially in industries where safety and precision are paramount, like aerospace and healthcare. Automated solutions in the AM ecosystem are essential because they enhance efficiency, reduce human error, and enable scalability, allowing for faster and more consistent production of complex parts at volume.”

Dimensionics Density’s density determination technology elevates the classic Archimedes principle to new heights of precision, speed, and repeatability through the integration of advanced automation technology. The density determination process is meticulously designed for maximum accuracy. Samples are carefully placed within an innovatively crafted component carrier, featuring strategically positioned openings for measurement precision. These carriers glide through the system, guided by a robotic arm that ensures central and exact placement onto the vibration-insulated scales.

A specialized lift-out rack equipped with pins resides on the scales, adeptly raising the sample out of the carrier, allowing for an unobstructed weighing process. This automation is key, consistently eliminating the variable of human error and guaranteeing uniform placement on the scales every time. Complementing this precision hardware, the system is armed with climate sensors that monitor and record every nuance of the environment – temperature, air pressure, and water temperature. These readings are not merely observed; they are integrated into a sophisticated evaluation algorithm, ensuring that each density measurement is corrected for ambient conditions, delivering results with uncompromising accuracy. Of key importance is that the process is designed to be used in busy production settings, not in the lab.

Pruesse concludes, “Our density determination technology has already been adopted by among other companies FKM (Germany’s largest full-service powder bed fusion 3D printing bureau), and has been independently reviewed by Fraunhofer IAPT and recognised as a good fit for applications where a statement on the density has to be made quickly or frequently, therefore making it appropriate for volume production scenarios. The engagements that we made at this year’s Formnext event will ensure that we continue to support companies looking to optimise their quality control processes, giving confidence in outcomes, and therefore cementing the position of AM as a disruptive and agile production technology.”




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