Magazine: High Tech Instrumentation for Semiconductors

Quantum Design UK and Ireland (QDUKI) is excited to announce the latest magazine launch – “High Tech Instrumentation for Semiconductors“. The UK is a global leader in semiconductor chip design. The country will play a key role in developing the industry in the future. QDUKI is ready to assist with the challenges we will face while shaping the development of advanced packing and compound semiconductors.

Quantum Design (QD) has been a leader in high-tech instrumentation for over 40 years with systems such as the MPMS and VersaLab. We have continually added to our product portfolio by acting as distributor for other market leaders who provide solutions for semiconductors, including J. A. Woollam, InfraTec, Sigray, 4D Technology and Lake Shore Cryotronics. This means we can provide our customers with the right solutions for their semiconductor applications.

Britain is already amongst the world leaders when it comes to researching and designing semiconductor technology. Semiconductors underpin the ambition to advance quantum, telecom, and AI technologies. QDUKI are proud to be part of that development, strengthening the position through new and innovative solutions.

Who Should I Contact With My Query?

If the articles in the magazine have prompted a few ideas and questions for you, please do get in touch. We are on hand to answer your queries about products, applications and any obstacles you might be facing.


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