Latest industry report unmasks the rogue spending culprits in manufacturing

A latest industry research report from the Nineteen Group has revealed the magnitude of rogue spending within industry, identifying the most likely culprits and outlining the most common and successful methods that manufacturers use to address and tackle this phenomenon.

‘Rogue Spending in Manufacturing 2023’, researched and produced in partnership with ServiceNow, draws from a research programme across nearly 300,000 industry leaders.

It outlines:

  • Fiscal Impact: The cumulative costs of rogue spending are far more significant than most manufacturers realise, and this report breaks down the numbers to reveal the true extent of the problem.
  • Root Cause: By identifying the most common root causes of rogue spending, it takes the crucial first step towards addressing the issue and preventing its recurrence.
  • Common Black Holes: Discover how 40% of manufacturers report rogue spending in the same areas.
  • Culprit Identification: Uncover which roles within manufacturing organisations are most likely to engage in rogue spending, helping you target your prevention efforts more effectively.
  • Prevention Tactics: Explore the top three strategies manufacturers are employing to get ahead of the rogue spending problem.

Manufacturers can download the full report for free to access in-depth findings and actionable recommendations.

This invaluable resource equips them with the knowledge and tools needed to proactively combat rogue spending within their organisation.

James Devonshire, International Reporter for the Nineteen Group and report author, said:

“Against a backdrop of economic uncertainty, inflationary pressures and high energy prices, manufacturers need to do everything they can to optimise their financial efficiency and improve their bottom line.

“But how can organisations achieve this when rogue spending is casting a shadow over their financial transparency and clouding their efforts?

“This new report contains everything manufacturers need to start tackling this seemingly widespread industry phenomenon today.”

To download the report, please visit

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