A Tiny Scanner with Great Possibilities

Introducing the FinePrecision, a state-of-the-art optical measuring device that sets new standards in precision and efficiency. This innovative tool is engineered to capture an impressive density of data, exceeding 1200 points per square millimetre within a scanned area. At its core, the FinePrecision employs the latest generation of high-speed cameras equipped with CMOS sensors, complemented by a powerful LED blue light source. The harmonious integration of these innovative technologies ensures an exceptional level of accuracy, reaching up to 6 µm, and a remarkable resolution down to 28 µm, even when confronted with challenging dark-surfaced objects.

A single scan with the FinePrecision unlocks the potential to acquire detailed data within a volumetric space of 120 x 60 x 45 mm. Leveraging blue structured light scanning technology, this device effectively mitigates noise arising from ambient light, delivering clean and precise scans. The synergy between the advanced high-speed cameras and a rapid frame collection, triggered by the projection system, further contributes to an impressive reduction in scanning time, achieving speeds below 1 second.

In the realm of precision mechanics, the FinePrecision stands out as an indispensable measuring tool. Its applications extend seamlessly to diverse areas, including the production of turbine blades, microcircuits, small injection parts, and numerically processed components. Beyond mechanical applications, FinePrecision finds a crucial role in scanning implants and prosthetics, as well as making significant contributions to the watchmaking and jewellery industry. The scanner’s exceptional precision does not stop there—it also emerges as an asset in optimizing the 3D printing process, displaying its versatility and impact across various industries.



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