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Are you ready to revolutionize your measurement and inspection processes? Optimax Imaging & Inspection, as authorized distributors of Vision Engineering Ltd.’s innovative products, bring you an exclusive opportunity to elevate your metrology experience.

🔍 Explore Revolutionary Technology: Dynascope for Ergonomic Microscopy

The range includes an array of visual inspection and metrology tools, from small benchtop stereo microscopes to fully automated 3-axis measurement systems. Embrace the future with Dynascope technology, allowing operators to move freely while using the microscope, eliminating the need for eyepieces. This groundbreaking advancement ensures the creation of the world’s first genuinely ergonomic microscopes, changing the face of microscopy forever.

🚀 Optimize Your Workflow: TVM and LVC Ranges for Precision

From automatic vision systems in the TVM range to fully automated 3-axis measurement systems in the LVC range, we have your precision needs covered. Experience top-of-the-line performance with the compact Deltron CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machines), designed for the shop floor—easy to use and space-efficient.

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Take advantage of a remarkable 20% discount on any order placed with Optimax between November 13, 2023, and January 5, 2024. This exclusive offer extends to our well-established and robust product range, excluding spares and accessories unless supplied with the main instrument.

📞 How to Claim Your Discount:

Contact Optimax at 01858 436940 or visit www.optimaxonline.com to explore the possibilities and revolutionize your metrology approach.

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