Bridging the skills gap in CNC automation

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In today’s rapidly evolving industrial landscape, the integration of robotic automation has become imperative for manufacturers seeking to enhance productivity, efficiency and overall competitiveness. However, a formidable challenge looms over this technological integration — the scarcity of skilled robot programmers specifically tailored for CNC applications. The shortage of these professionals in the sector has hindered the seamless implementation and operation of robotic systems. Here, Hakan Aydogdu, general manager of CNC automation system manufacturer, Tezmaksan Robot Technologies, explains the potential of automated machine tending.


The ability of robots to perform repetitive and intricate tasks with precision and consistency is unparalleled. However, the integration and effective operation of robotic systems necessitate a unique skill set — skilled robot programmers. These professionals possess the knowledge to code, program and optimise robots for specific tasks, ensuring seamless operation and adaptability.


According to a UK Government skills gap report, 24 per cent of businesses said programming was an area of concern. It’s no surprise therefore, that policy makers all over the world are facing the challenge of improving skill provision systems and upgrading education policies aimed at rapidly increasing the skill levels of individuals in this area. However, this does not address the immediate scarcity, which results in delays in robotics implementation for businesses, as well as increased operational costs as companies are forced to invest heavily in hiring and training.

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Empowering manufacturers through user-friendly automation

The advantages of automated systems are manifold, and one such remarkable innovation is the CubeBOX CNC automation system by Tezmaksan. At the heart of CubeBOX’s innovation lies its user-friendly approach. The system is meticulously designed to enable manufacturers to implement and operate robotic systems without the need for specialised programming knowledge.


Instead of relying on traditional complex coding, CubeBOX offers an intuitive interface that allows users to program robots using visual elements, drag-and-drop functionality, and predefined templates. This democratisation of robot programming makes it accessible to a broader range of individuals within a manufacturing environment. For example, if one has robot programming knowledge, training takes just 15 minutes, if not it takes 30 minutes.


With its standard structure, it is compatible with all CNC machines and control units and can be adapted to all brands of robots. What’s more, the system is 20 per cent cheaper than company-specific robot integration systems and due to the plug-and-play nature of the solution. It can be commissioned in just one day.



Simplifying automation through innovative software

At the core of the CubeBOX system’s success is its sophisticated software, RoboCAM. This software negates the need for intricate robot programming and extensive CAM knowledge. By converting 2D CAD drawings into CAM instructions, RoboCAM simplifies the entire process, making it accessible even to operators without specialised training. This reinforces Tezmaksan’s commitment to Industry 4.0 principles, offering comprehensive solutions that encompass turnkey projects, integration, installation and ongoing support services.


Another area that has traditionally required robot programming knowledge is the exchange of robot parts in a system, which leads to prolonged changeover times. The conventional methods for part exchange requires a template and gripper pin adjustment and robot programming knowledge, before running the next part. Thanks to Tezmaksan’s RoboCAM software, setting up a new part takes just four steps and less than two to three minutes.


Streamlining operations for uninterrupted productivity

The CubeBOX system introduces a paradigm shift in CNC machine automation, enabling multiple machines to operate seamlessly without the interruptions caused by loading and unloading processes.


Providing round-the-clock operation without the need for operators, the CubeBOX system’s primary benefit centres on its capability for seamless, uninterrupted work. Guaranteeing sustained production even during nighttime shifts, this uninterrupted workflow translates to an impressive 50 per cent enhancement in nocturnal shift efficiency when compared to conventional arrangements heavily reliant on manual CNC machine tending. This advancement empowers manufacturers to optimise production yields, ultimately fostering heightened productivity and diminished lead times.


This breakthrough technology eliminates the downtime associated with these manual tasks, leading to a significant boost in overall productivity. It enables workpieces to be efficiently loaded and unloaded from the machines, without being restricted by the machine’s brand, marking a notable step towards increased operational efficiency.


The CNC industry’s pursuit of enhanced productivity and precision through robotic automation has been constrained by the persistent skills gap. Tezmaksan’s CubeBOX system emerges as a transformative solution tailored for the CNC sector, empowering manufacturers to transcend this obstacle and fully leverage the potential of robotic automation. By providing an intuitive interface and user-friendly design, CubeBOX equips CNC manufacturers to implement and manage robotic systems without the constraints of specialised programming knowledge.


For more information about Tezmaksan’s CubeBOX CNC automation system visit the website or speak to a specialist today.

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