Complete System for Filling Cardboard Boxes with High-Level Hygiene Requirements


mk were challenged to design and create a carton filling machine for different tube shapes in the cosmetics industry. This included interlinking of carton erectors, from filling to further packaging. The design had to account for a box filling machine for different tube formats with a capacity of 200 tubes per minute and 4 boxes per min.

Counting of the specified tubes per box was done via vision cameras. Chaining of upstream filling stations and integration of the provided scale with NOK (Not OK) sorting of tubes was also required.


The solution was a complete system with T-slots that are open on the inside for maximum flexibility and closed on the outside for a smooth and clean surface. Tubes and cartons are fed with mk belt conveyors. Index belt stations with timing belt conveyor have a swivelled bearing for lowering items to be weighed. A funnel is used for receiving the whole carton fill quantity in the event of a malfunction. During nominal operation, this would only be pneumatically closed to change cartons.

This comprehensive modular system meets hygiene requirements and was from a single source ensuring an optimum solution for the client.