ALRAD Instruments Limited (established 1970) has been serving the Industrial, Automation, Scientific, Medical and Instrumentation markets for five decades and has a wealth of experience in all aspects of Automation Imaging, Machine Vision and Photonics.

For the Automation Market we have an extensive range of both Area and Line Scan camera systems with a full range of interface options including: Gigabit Ethernet (10, 25, 50 and 100 GigE), Cameralink, CoaXPress and USB.  The following are some of the products we are supplying for Automation applications:

iRAYPLE – 2K, 4K and 8K Line Scan Cameras for Automation Applications:

iRAYPLE is the new brand name for HuaRay (A Dahua company) and ALRAD Instruments is pleased to distribute their comprehensive and competitive range of Line Scan Cameras.

The Linescan 5000 Series includes 2K, 4K and 8K resolutions with image sensors from CMOSIS, with others under development and features GigE, CameraLink and CoaXPress interface options.

The key features of the Linescan camera series include: Support for a wide range of power supplies:12V~24V DC, GigE Vision protocol and Gen<i>Cam standard, 256MB on-board frame buffer, Software trigger / External Hardware trigger / Free run mode, brightness enhancement, gamma correction, LUT, flat field correction, multiple image data format output, ROI and binning.  The cameras are fully CE, FCC, UL and RoHS certified.

Applications Include:   Agriculture sorting, PCB inspection, Paper and Textile surface inspection, Rail track inspection and Postal sorting.

iRAYPLE – 7000 Series Code Readers

The iRAYPLE 7000 Series Code Reader uses a built-in code reading algorithm and deep learning algorithm to read a variety of barcodes.

The Code Reader uses a CMOS sensor to acquire image data and provides a high-quality image. Various trigger modes and image acquisition modes are supported, the unit includes both Software trigger/Hardware trigger/Free run modes and has a1Gbps Ethernet industrial interface with max 100m transmission.

In-Line Angular Spectral Measurements of Displays with the New CubeX-150 from ELDIM

ELDIM’s multi-angle spectroradiometer CubeX-150 is ideally suited for both R&D teams and mass production lines due to its speed, accuracy and multi-application use. The CubeX-150 is based on completely new technology patented by ELDIM.

To understand this technology, imagine that you are moving a spectrometer around the DUT (Device Under Test) and taking a measurement every 2.5° in a viewing cone of +/-60°. The CubeX-150 provides emission data, including flicker information, at all these angles.  The measurement takt time of the equipment is less than 2 seconds, and all of the acquired data can be transferred by ethernet cable or WIFI.  This equipment operates in the visible wavelength range and is used to measure displays including LED, OLED, uLED and Micro Displays in a wide range of sectors including Automotive, Avionics, General displays, Military and Mobile phone applications.

For more information on the above items and our range of Automation and Machine Vision products, please call the ALRAD Sales Team on +44 1635 30345, or visit we will be happy to help and advise on your requirements.

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