TF Automation automate manual process for Genesis Patterns

TF Automation has recently delivered a new machine to long-standing customer, Genesis Patterns, which has automated a time-consuming and problematic manual process.

Over the last thirty years Genesis Patterns has grown into one of the leading suppliers of sampling products to the flooring industry. Originally supplying swatches and pattern books, the company has invested in machinery and staff to expand into the shade card sector.

TF Automation has worked with Genesis Patterns for several years designing and building a number of specialist machines to support their expansion and development plans. Genesis had a recent requirement to automate a manual process of taking pre-cut carpet swatch samples from a strip and adhering them to “dec” boards, to create carpet sample books.

TF Automation project engineers worked with the team at Genesis to build a machine that would de-laminate and remove the pre-cut samples from the strip and place in the exact position required on the larger board. This activity is currently carried out by hand and is open to large fluctuations in output and accuracy.

The new machine removes the individual samples from the strip and places accurately in position on the boards, ensuring precision placement and standardisation every time.

The new machine has enabled Genesis to improve productivity of this activity and enable more cards to be completed in a shorter time frame, whilst also ensuring consistency and uniformity.

Tony Hubbert, MD at TF Automation, comments, “We have worked with Genesis for a number of years and were delighted to support them in automating this manual process to improve their efficiencies and ensure standardisation and accuracy.”

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