Croft Filters – Quality custom filters for Automation processes

Croft Filters are a leading UK manufacturer of over 34 year experience, specialising in the manufacture of high quality custom filters. The Company supplies a variety of diverse industrial sectors, including: Chemical, Food, Beverage, Oil and Gas, Pharmaceutical, Energy and Technology amongst others. Notably, Croft’s products are widely used among engineering firms operating within different sectors.

Filter elements

Croft Filters can provide filter elements to customers’ own design or offer an alternative solution to suit specific applications. The filter elements can be manufactured from combinations of perforated plate, wire mesh and knitted wire mesh in a variety of different materials. These elements can be designed to fit existing automation system.

Witches’ hat filters

These filters are composed of a perforated cone supporting one or more fine wire meshes which maximise the flow area, effectively reducing resistance and ensuring reliable operation. The well-established, simple yet effective design makes them very popular for all kinds of industrial applications. As witches’ hat specialists, Croft Filters can manufacture them rapidly from basic sketches to final products with a pore size as small as 1 micron to suit each customer’s requirements.

Disc filters

Not only can Croft supply a variety of different meshes, the company can also manufacture disc filters for use across a wide range of applications. They can be produced in many sizes and can also be supported with a perforated disc if required.

Additive manufacturing

Croft also specialise in the Additive Manufacture (3D Printing) of complex metal components. Benefits of the Additive process, such as: Part weight reduction, Multi-part to single component and Expanded design capabilities, allow the customers to re-think their approach to their designs in order to improve the efficiency, utility or aesthetics of their parts.

Other custom filters

Croft Filters based in Warrington, England can manufacture filtration solutions in any shape or design, including basket strainers, duplex filters, vacuum filters, cylinder filters, screen filters, last chance filters, inline filters, pleated filters and slot tubes in perforated plate, wedge wire and woven wire mesh.

Croft Filters work with a wide range of metals including, Mild & Stainless Steel, Copper, Brass, Inconel®, Monel®, Hastelloy® and Aluminium Alloy’s.

Quality of both product and service has been the key to Croft’s success; the Company takes great pride in understanding their customer’s needs, quickly supplying them with a high-quality product that exceeds customer’s expectations.

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