Stay Safe With ATEX Approved Drive Couplings From Reich

Safety is always a key consideration in any environment where manufacturing processes or machinery are involved.
This topic is even more critical within industries such as petrochemical, refining and mining, where there may
be potentially explosive atmospheres. In these critical areas a single spark may be all that is needed to trigger
a potentially catastrophic series of events. The European Union’s Atmosphere Explosibles (ATEX) Directives,
introduced in 2003 are intended to reduce the hazards created by potentially explosive atmospheres.In this informative article, David Proud – General Manager of Reich Drive Systems UK explains why the company’s
ATEX certified MULTI MONT SELLA and ARCUSAFLEX range of drive couplings not only meet these stringent
requirements, but also offer enhanced fail-safe characteristics.

There are two distinct directives: the first ATEX 95, applies to the design, manufacture and in-service use of equipment
within potentially explosive atmospheres. The second directive ATEX 137, sets out the minimum requirements
to improve safety and protect workers from explosions. This places specific requirements on employers for risk
assessment and implementation of measures to reduce explosion hazards.

As a key component in any drive train being used with a hazardous environment, drive couplings must adhere to the
ATEX 95 directive. Reich’s MULTI MONT SELLA range not only meets the directive requirements and is certified, but the
design of these drive couplings incorporates features which further enhance the fail-safe characteristics of the coupling.

David Proud explains: “In addition to compensating for axial, radial and angular misalignments, shocks and vibrations,
these couplings are designed with individual rubber compound saddles. This means that even if one or more of
the saddles begins to deteriorate in service, the unit will still operate safely, minimizing the risk of metal-to-metal contact
and any subsequent sparks. Although the coupling may exhibit signs of reduced performance, giving maintenance
engineers the time to plan remedial work, the coupling will still operate safely.”

A further benefit of the MULTI MONT SELLA range is that the rubber saddles can be replaced radially with the coupling
in situ, by simply sliding back the retaining cap, saving significant amounts of time by eliminating the need to de-
couple equipment. This concept is shown in a video which can be viewed HERE.

Also certified for use within hazardous environments is the ARCUSAFLEX range of couplings. These also comply to explosion
protection directive ATEX 95, and are suitable for use within hazardous location categories M2 and 2 which require high levels
of protection, and 3 which requires normal levels of protection.

David Proud continues: “The ARCUSAFLEX coupling is a highly flexible flywheel coupling with an axial plug-in facility. It provides
a torsionally soft connection between the prime mover and the driven machine. The highly flexible torque transmission
characteristic of the coupling is achieved by a disc-shaped rubber element that is subjected to a torsional
load and enables both, the absorption of high torsional vibrations and the compensation of major misalignments.
The toothed design of the rubber element is instrumental in maintaining safe operation within hazardous environments.”

With a history spanning over 70 years, REICH-KUPPLUNGEN has built up unrivalled expertise in the design and manufacture
of drive couplings for use across a wide range of industries and applications, including those within hazardous environments.

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