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Hydra-Cell… Reducing the Cost of Precision Metering and Dosing.

Hydra-Cell pumps are claimed to offer the most economical solution for precision metering and dosing thanks to their simple, clever design with multiple hydraulically balanced diaphragms in a single pump head.

Unlike typical API 675 diaphragm pumps, which are big, slow moving and deliver a large volume on each stroke, Hydra-Cell pumps work at high speed, delivering a small volume from each cell but at high frequency, which is why the pumps can be physically smaller in relation to flow capability and consequently less expensive to acquire and operate.

Hydra-Cell’s multiple diaphragms work in sequence to produce a virtually pulseless liquid flow, removing the need for pulsation dampeners in most installations, saving further installation and maintenance costs. Pipe strain and system leaks are also reduced.

Hydra-Cell pumps are exceptionally energy efficient (80% and above), which also reduces power requirement and energy costs.

Unlike plunger type metering pumps, Hydra-Cell pumps have no dynamic seals, cups or energy sapping packings through which hazardous fluids might escape or through which air could enter the system on the suction stroke to cause degradation or crystallisation of the pumped liquid. And most importantly, Hydra-Cell pumps require no expensive seal maintenance.

Compact in design, robust in construction, reliable in operation and exhibiting high energy efficiency, Hydra-Cell pumps enjoy a long service life with exceptionally low lifecycle costs.

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