Enclosed transfer chains for gentle, clean conveying

Transfer chains are used in many different industrial applications where goods need to be conveyed to the next stage of the production process – including situations that require particular cleanliness or especially gentle conveying of sensitive or fragile goods.

iwis has developed a comprehensive range of transfer chains with durable plastic attachments to meet these requirements. The functional sections of the chain are completely enclosed, which offers a number of advantages: the product stays clean and undamaged, no dust or dirt can build up on the chain, goods are conveyed on a flat surface, and there is no lifting of the load when the chain passes over the sprockets.

iwis transfer chains are also extremely durable, thanks to the outstanding adhesive properties of the initial lubricant applied to the base chain before it leaves the factory. The three attachment versions – for standard, high-temperature and antistatic applications – are all made from extremely hard-wearing materials. Depending on the attachment and lubricant selected, iwis transfer chains can be used in temperatures ranging from -50°C to 150°C. After prior consultation with iwis, these chains can also fulfil food-grade (H1) or silicone-free (PWIS) requirements.

Besides the standard iwis base chain SL, special chain versions such as nickel-plated or maintenance-free chains from the MEGAlife brand range are also available.

With this ideal combination of positive features, iwis transfer chains are suitable for all conveying, transport and metering applications that require the gentle handling of sensitive goods, containers or workpiece carriers. Typical examples are foodstuff processing, the electronics and PCB manufacturing industries, medical technology and pharmaceutical production and glass and ceramics processing.

In addition to transfer chains, Munich-based chain specialist iwis provides a full product range for all drive and conveying applications. This also includes precision and high-performance roller chains, conveyor chains, maintenance-free and cor-rosion-resistant chains, power and free conveyor chains, special-purpose conveyor chains, flyer chains, flat-top chains, modular belts, chains and accessories for agricultural machinery, and timing drives for the automotive industry.

Enclosed transfer chains for gentle, clean conveying

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