New DENSO e-Videns tool offering world-first live engine health check to drivers

  • End-to-end vehicle health check tool integrates driver interview, system scan, health check and a visual inspection
  • The comprehensive vehicle inspection enhances workshop services while offering an easy-to-read report to vehicle drivers
  • e-Videns tool compares live data from running engine with manufacturer data to identify abnormalities and pre-empt issues

Motorists will now be offered unparalleled access to their vehicle engine’s condition as part of a guided vehicle health check (VHC) delivered by DENSO’s newest innovation, e-Videns.

The e-Videns tool can monitor live data from a running engine and instantly compare it to reference parameters to reveal ‘hidden’ engine problems or pre-empt issues which may occur, presenting workshops with instant up-selling opportunities.

The innovative workshop tool guides vehicle owners and mechanics through a comprehensive vehicle health check including a Driver Interview, System Scan, Visual Inspection (Walk Around) and, for the first time, a complete engine health check to objectively show the work needed.

Currently the e-Videns engine health check covers 85% of petrol and diesel cars manufactured between 2005 and 2014.

Following an e-Videns vehicle inspection, reports are generated to summarise any vehicle abnormalities, helping vehicle owners to make quick, informed decisions about any work needed.

Martin Pring, Region Manager for DENSO Aftermarket UK & IE, commented: “It’s common knowledge that engine faults often turn out to be the biggest costs on a driver’s service bill, and even more so if the problems aren’t dealt with immediately.

“With the e-Videns test, mechanics can uncover issues under the bonnet before they cause further damage. Once a fault is identified, the tool puts the necessary information at the fingertips of the mechanic, helping the vehicle owner to make an informed decision as quickly as possible.

“Putting customers at the centre of their vehicle’s health check will increase their workshop’s performance whilst also giving them up-sale opportunities thanks to the detailed insights the e-Videns report offers.”

The e-Videns tool guides mechanics through the end-to-end health check and requires little or no additional skillset to use so larger workshops can deploy a junior mechanic to carry out a test, providing valuable data to the skilled mechanic.

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