Emerson Experts Attend Foodex to Show Customers how to Improve Food Cutting Processes

Branson Ultrasonic technology cuts waste, improves productivity and extends cleaning cycles

Emerson experts will be in attendance at Foodex 2018 in the NEC arena. They will demonstrate how the application of Branson ultrasonic cutting technology can help customers from within the food manufacturing and processing industries deliver a cleaner and better cut quality.

Ultrasonic cutting enables smoother penetration of the item being cut. This reduces breakage and product deformation which reduces product waste. Ultrasonic cutting is a cleaner and more efficient process when compared to traditional cutting techniques. This reduces the number of machine stops required for cleaning which can improve productivity.

Emerson is helping food manufacturing customers all over the world cut products such as cakes, pies, granola bars, cheese, pizza dough and much more.

For more information about the Branson Ultrasonic food cutting equipment visit www.branson.eu/markt-segmente/food-processing

ultrasonic cutting of meat rolled cheese

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