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Brexit has seen some Data Storage being re-located to mainland Europe. PowerContinuity has designed , installed and maintains the ultimate power protection systems that our global clients expect here in the UK. So we say, don’t relocate! Great British Power Continuity offers the most cost effective and resilient power protection in the UK. Should you be planning a co-lo for your disaster recovery site, have you requested and been shown the physical UPS and Generator installation of the site, that proves their 24/7 capability exists with your own eyes? We strongly recommend that see the physical reality as this is far more compelling that a sales pitch. When placing your servers in a co-lo Data Suite, your first concern is what resilience backup power systems are installed to protect your power stream. No Lighty No Likey !

The power is in your hands; choose Power Continuity Resilient no break backup systems. Our own engineering teams and tech support are on call 24 hours a day, ensuring that ‘failure is not an option’ for PowerContinuity customers.

We all know that future Grid supplies are reliant on PV and wind turbine alternative energy, meaning less stable power as traditional power production decreases, leading to greater harmonic distortion – hence the rapid increase in irregular power drops. Two independent Grid supplies will help resilience but that will never remove the erratic millisecond power dips that cause irritating server issues and stop robots. These millisecond power dips are enough to ‘knock out’ servers, stop productions lines and render sterile production systems inoperable. For the data environments, with critical load requirements, we work with Riello and Vertiv as their official distributor partner, installing energy saving battery based UPS for own discerning clients

Where production industrial processes involving motor drives, inverters and heavy machinery require critical seamless power protection, PowerContinuity install Piller Rotary Power Systems. For many years, as a premier distributor partner, we have worked closely with Piller to provide ‘state of the art’ robust rotary systems to our clients across the UK, from inspiration to installation, one stop shop. Whether 1 mVA or 10mVa, choose PowerContinuity.

PowerContinuity install complete, site-wide automatic power protection, encompassing UPS and generator on long-term rental purchase options as well as lease contract, total design and installation all carried out in house. NO Salesmen-ONLY Engineers

DCW? Contact PowerContinuity Systems on 0845 055 8455 – We’re here to help 24/7

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