Lea manufacturing is based on identifying and eliminating waste. In lean manufacturing, waste is any expense or effort which doesn’t generate a product or a service that a potential client is willing to pay for.

One area where such inefficiencies are often observed is in warehousing. Conventional racking, shelving, drawer cabinets still used in many facilities often contributes to this waste as they occupy significant valuable space within the facility. These also lead to a slower process flows where time is mainly spent locating and retrieving parts.

High-density automated vertical storage systems can help factories and warehouses to eliminate the wastes, significantly optimize manufacturing processes and dramatically improve efficiency and productivity of the overall operations.

  1. Defects

Modula’s VLMs are fully automated vertical storage systems that allow for large inventory of goods to be quickly accessed while being stored in a safe and secure environment.

  1. Excess Processing/ Inappropriate Processing

Modula’s VLM can help in eliminating wastes as they streamline operating procedures, increase the flexibility and lower the costs in almost any type of facility.

  1. Overproduction

Thanks to the implementation of vertical storage solutions, warehousing and manufacturing facilities can have full control over the flow of goods.

  1. Labor cost

Modula’s VLM retrieves trays with the stored items and delivers them to the user at the optimum ergonomic retrieval height.

  1. Waiting

VLMs automatically deliver items to the operator with a simple touch on the copilot console or a scan of a barcode. This feature drastically reduces handling times both in picking and replenishing as there is no walking back and forth through the warehouse to find and retrieve ordered goods.

  1. Inventory

VLMs can reduce the costs of physical labor and the associated human resource expenses and decrease the costs associated with inventory risks by increasing inventory security.

  1. Transportation

Modula’s VLMs utilize the available room height from floor to ceiling, allowing for items to be stored in a safe and secure unit. Manufacturers can save valuable floor space and concentrate operations in a smaller footprint, eliminating motion and transportation wastes

  1. Motion

VLMs not only minimize significantly the risk of injury from motion, but also offer maximum safety for personnel in even the most demanding working conditions. Inventory is delivered directly to employees without exposing them to moving parts or requiring them to use heavy machinery.

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