Specialists In Small Diameter Dowel Pins

Technifast has increased its machining capabilities with the commissioning of additional Citizen CNC machinery to keep pace with increasing demand for their small diameter dowel pin services.

The new addition to Technifast’s established manufacturing division will give the Corby-based firm increased capacity to produce very small diameter dowels, from 1mm – 5mm diameter, which will bring reductions in lead-time, but retain the high-precision accuracy that Technifast customers demand.

“Our increased machining capabilities allow us to provide a rapid response to the many enquiries and orders we receive for the production of small diameter dowel pins,” said Technifast’s Managing Director, Louis Speed. “We have seen this area of our business evolve over recent times and the acquisition of our new machinery is an example of how Technifast continually strives to deliver a greater field of dowel pin options. There is no ‘fit-all’ solution for fasteners, so it is important we are able to offer our customers a product tailored to their unique requirements.”

As a specialist in the production of precision components in stainless steel materials, the small diameter dowels can be manufactured in stainless steel grades 303 and 304, plus marine grade stainless steel 316.  Technifast also has the capabilities to produce dowels to larger diameters, with 32mm being the maximum size.

Technifast is an established supplier and manufacturer of specialist engineering fasteners and components. They offer an extensive portfolio of precision fasteners, which includes pins, dowels, spacers, inserts and keys, which are reliably and efficiently supplied to industries Worldwide, including automotive, aviation and marine, at competitive prices.

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