Klaus LENZ, 54 years old, has been appointed as the CEO of UNGERER Technology GmbH

Klaus LENZ has close to 40 years of experience in the metal strip industry and started his career at ThyssenKrupp in Krefeld (Germany). He has been involved in several projects and company/equipment optimizations worldwide such as at ShanghaiKrupp stainless (China), ThyssenKrupp stainless in Mobile Alabama (USA), Fives DMS and ANDRITZ/SUNDWIG, and several more projects all over the world before joining UNGERER as CEO in July 2017.

His main focus is to maintain the company and its technological leadership through new developments in the field of Unflateness Measurement Systems where UNGERER has introduced several key technologies over the last decades. He will rely on the expertise of UNGERER Engineers as well as strong partnerships with research and development centers. In addition to cutting edge technology, Klaus LENZ’ customer focused strategy includes the development of worldwide service. One service center in China has already been opened early 2018, and the second one is planned for the second half of 2018 in North-America.

UNGERER Technology GmbH is a 120 year old company based in Pforzheim (Germany), world leader in metal strip finishing lines. UNGERER was the pioneer of tension leveling, and is very experienced in cut-to-length and slitting lines with a strong position in the booming aluminum market as well as in stainless steel and copper markets. UNGERER Technology GmbH is part of the European engineering group REDEX based in France (70M€ turnover, 400 employees worldwide) with leading positions in high performance drives for the machine-tool industry (REDEX SA), in precision strip processing equipment (REDEX SA) and in precision rolling mills (BÜHLER GmbH).

3 Rue Paul Tavernier

77300 Fontainebleau


Phone: 33 672145678 Fax: [email protected]

Kandelstraße 20

75179 Pforzheim, Deutschland


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