Non-invasive flow sensors for the use in the biopharmaceutical and medical industry

The bioprocessing industry is characterized by rapid growth and a steady innovation process. Today, this sector tends to discuss flexibility in R&D and production – in terms of a single use approach, challenges of production scale-up, continuous processing and automation. Aspects such as to secure safe and stable processes, consequent traceability, constant data management and increasing quality demands play an important role. Considering the required features, suppliers are faced with a demanding task: The development of innovative, flexible and cost-efficient solutions to support the industry’s ambitious future plans. With the aim of a flexible production and to minimize the risk of contamination, single-use-technologies (SUT) are predicted to have a great future in the biotechnology industry. Also in the medical field, many fluids are applied that must not be contaminated under any circumstances, leading to a big demand for sensors which give precise measurement values without being in contact with the corresponding medium.

The SONOFLOW sensors from SONOTEC Ultraschallsensorik Halle GmbH fulfill exactly this task. The ultrasonic flow sensors are simply clamped onto the tube without touching the liquid. With their non-invasive measurement principle, they are designed for repeatable use, without having to be sterilized or gamma-irradiated. With their integrated electronics board, they can be considered to be the smallest footprint solution on the market.

Besides the well-accepted product features such as high accuracy and compact design, the flexible use for different tube sizes and materials as well as the option for different housing materials (aluminum, stainless steel or plastics) or an integrated display are further benefits of the SONOFLOW CO.55 sensors series, valued highly by the bioprocessing industry and medical technology. Furthermore, the recently implemented serial MODBus communication protocol RS-485 guarantees a seamless integration into existing data infrastructure. The BUS system can operate up to twelve SONOFLOW sensors parallel and offers continuous data reporting wherever and whenever needed.

In addition to the non-invasive flow sensor series SONOTEC offers an ultrasonic inline flow sensor, the SONOFLOW IL.52, for repeatable use and highly accurate low flow

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